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I år kan Blue Hors stolt tilbyde nye hingste, som har vist fremragende kvaliteter ved deres fremvisning i Hannoverian og Oldenburger Federation. Hingstene er præget af spændende blodlinjer, der passer perfekt til vores fælles avlsarbejde.


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Here you get our best tips, tricks and guides that make your everyday life with horses much easier. Here you can learn the most basic things that you can use in the stable, at competitions or in everyday life. There is a guide for, among other things.

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MUST HAVES in the winter stable

During the cold winter months there are many good things we can do for the horses. One of the things we can do is make sure they get the right supplements. At Blue Hors we highly recommend the following of our CARE supplement products:

Multi Feed – a highly concentrated vitamin/mineral supplement that promotes vitality and well-being through increased vitamin intake. Top Flex – provides optimal support for the horse’s joints and musculoskeletal system. Biotin – to build healthy, strong and elastic hooves. Muscle E-Vitamin – reduces muscle soreness in horses prone to this after hard exercise. Muscle Build – helps the horse build muscle quickly and effectively.

When the cold really hits, horses are more in the box, which is why good radiance care with Thrush Care is extra important. Help for the horse’s airways can be found with Ventilator – which both opens and lubricates the airways, using eucalyptus, peppermint and honey.

If you want to give your horse some well-being, you can rub Hoof Cream well into the hooves and if he needs a bath, but if water is too cold, Clean & Dry is useful for sweat and dirt stains. Remember to take good care of your leather too. We have several good options, but would like to highlight our liquid leather cleaner Leather Cleaner as well as Leather Oil Spray, which is a leather oil of the highest quality that can penetrate all nooks and crannies.

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