Dressage Stallions

Blue Hors’ Stallion Collection 2023 is a collection of new stallions, which have shown excellent qualities at their show in the Hanoverian and Oldenburger Federation. The stallions are characterised by premium bloodlines. Licensensed elite stallions, stamp stallions, dressage stallions, dressage blood from the very top. With 30 years of experience you can count on Blue Hors for personal and competent breeding advice when it comes to your choice of stallion.


Tips, Tricks & Guides

Here you get our best tips, tricks and guides that make your everyday life with horses much easier. Here you can learn the most basic things that you can use in the stable, at competitions or in everyday life. There is a guide for, among other things.

We recommend

MUST-HAVES during spring

When the horses change their coat from winter to summer, they’ll have an increased need for vitamin B to not lose the energy needed for their daily training. We can therefore highly recommend B-Express and B-Express Zero, both of which are very tasty and a quick way to extra B-vitamin

The often wet and muddy fields during springtime are not the best combination with delicate horse legs. For more than 25 years, Skinhealer has been the preferred ointment for keeping the horse’s pasterns healthy. For best effect, it should be applied to a dry area – which, if necessary, can be cleaned with a Magic Cloth or Ergo Soft Brush.

Sparse grass on the fields can cause problems with sand accumulation in the intestines – we recommend either Psyllium HuskPsyllium Pellets or Psyllium Sweet Apple – just to be safe!

Strengthen the horse’s skin barrier with Barrier Cream, which protects the skin against water and bacteria as it forms a repellent barrier.

Also try Omega Active, a cold-pressed linseed oil with a high content of omega-3 fatty acids, which gives a shiny coat, and is particularly beneficial for the horse’s skin.

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