Are you supplying your horse with the necessary electrolytes it needs to thrive?

During daily exercise, horses tend to sweat A LOT, resulting in significant loss of fluid and essential minerals from their bodies.
Are you supplying your horse with the necessary electrolytes it needs to thrive?

To ensure their mineral and fluid balance is maintained, providing electrolytes is crucial. At Blue Hors, we offer three electrolyte products, carefully formulated to replenish the essential components lost through sweat in the appropriate proportions. It’s essential to remember that electrolyte deficiency can lead to reduced performance in horses.

Horses are among the animals who sweat the most, sweating up to 10-15 liters per hour. Sweating plays a vital role in dissipating excess heat from the horse’s body while simultaneously helping it cool down. As a rider and horse owner, it’s crucial to be mindful of providing the horse with sufficient electrolytes and fluid.

Electrolytes are essential minerals dissolved in the body’s fluids, playing a critical role in optimal bodily functions. They regulate fluid levels surrounding the cells, facilitate nerve impulses, and enable muscle contractions. Crucial muscle contractions, like the heartbeats and intestinal movements, heavily rely on the proper balance between water and electrolytes. An imbalance or deficiency of electrolytes can lead to premature muscle fatigue, reduced endurance, muscle cramps, and poor post-exercise recovery. Inadequate salt balance may cause the horse to consume substantial amounts of water while still being dehydrated.

Each electrolyte serves a specific function:

Sodium maintains fluid balance.
Chloride maintains acid-base balance.
Potassium balances fluid within cells, ensuring optimal muscle, heart, and kidney function. Potassium loss reduces muscle strength and contractile ability.
Calcium is crucial for controlled skeletal and heart muscle contractions.
Magnesium is vital for normal muscle function, bone formation, and reduction of nervous behavior.

Imbalances or losses of these electrolytes can have various effects on the horse’s well-being. For instance, the loss of sodium, chloride, potassium, and magnesium disrupts nerve and muscle tissue function. Concurrent loss of sodium and potassium diminishes thirst and appetite, and delays fluid balance restoration.

Therefore, administering electrolytes with the right composition after exercise is of utmost importance to optimize the horse’s health and performance.

Blue Hors Electrolytes

At Blue Hors, our electrolyte products – Electrolyte Daily, Electrolyte Liquid, and Re Cover – have precisely balanced electrolyte compositions, with a small amount of glucose added for easy absorption. It’s crucial to ensure that the horse has access to water after receiving electrolytes to avoid the risk of dehydration.

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