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Blue Hors is one of the leading EU stallion stations in the world

Team Blue Hors

Blue Hors is one of the leading EU stallion stations in the world, and at Blue Hors we strive to contribute to the improvement of the global breeding of dressage horses. Blue Hors is also a training and competition stable which plays a major role in international dressage sport by both participation in top competitions and selling many talented dressage horses to riders worldwide. At Blue Hors, we host several big equestrian events including dressage, young horse and foal championships, dressage festivals, and much more.

The idea is to create a ​​dressage mekka which equips the equestrian world with an optimal environment for both the daily training of top horses and rider, which also to offers facilities for conferences and events that benefits both hobby riders, professionals, horses, officials, breeders and everyone else with an interest in horses and equestrian sport.

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Stallions, mares and offspring

We see the development of the worldwide breeding of sports horses as one of our most important tasks, and from Blue Hors we service up to 2,000 mares both home and abroad every season. Blue Hors is home to some of the most sought after dressage stallions such as Blue Hors Don Schufro and Blue Hors Zack, as well as many younger stallions with a bright future ahead of them. Amongst those several promising sons by Blue Hors Zack

This foundation carries both our riders, stallions and their offspring to shows and competitions all over the world. Blue Hors horses, riders and offspring have won medals at national championships, European championships, World Cups, Olympic Games, and much more all over the world several times. Stallions from Blue Hors have thus made their mark in finals and shows all over the world, and several offspring sired by Blue Hors stallions are found in the top of the FEI dressage rankings.

Horses for top sport

In 2014 Blue Hors inaugurated a brand new and state of the art dressage centre, which helps us in developing our horses and riders. This makes Blue Hors much more than “just” stallions. In these surroundings the Blue Hors team can develop and educate sales horses for all kinds of rider. It also benefits our sports system, proven by the riders and horses from Blue Hors who have won the Danish Championships nine times and competed in the finals at the Olympics, World Championships, European Championship and World Cups.

Our focus is on quality rather than quantity, making our long-term goal to prove that a horse in harmony and a careful management provides the best basis for a horse’s well-being and better results in the sport.

Blue Hors Care

Blue Hors has developed its own line of care products for horses – Blue Hors Care – which today includes more than 70 different products. We continuously develop and improve the products and our own horses are used to test the functionality of the products. Therefore, Blue Hors Care has become one of the best-selling line of care products for horses in Denmark.

Blue Hors Care is sold in more than 250 shops in Denmark, as well as in a handful of other countries.

Got any product ideas or requests? We are open for input and since horses are not a “standard product” we therefore look at the individual horse’s unique resources as an opportunity to explore other ways of doing things

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