Blue Hors


Picture perfect stallion out of a top damline

  • Winner of the Pavo Cup for 5-year-olds with e.g., 9.5 for ridability
  • Selected as a 5-year-old for WCYH in Ermelo
  • Placed as no. 3 at his KWPN performance test with 87,5 points and several 9s and a 9,5 for canter
  • The dam is Romanik is out of a top damline with several high-awarded stallions and mares
  • Super first crop of foals with several champion foals and auction highlights
Straight Horse /Eva Götzsche & Mogens Pedersen
Blue Hors
  • 1. rate500.00  ex. vat
  • 2. rate700.00  ex. vat
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Blue Hors Zack
Boegegaardens Don Romina
Blue Hors Don Schufro
Boegegaardens Laina
Blue Hors Don Schufro
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  • Santiano is bred by Blue Hors Breeder of the Year 2020; stud Straight Horse by Eva Götzche and Mogens Pedersen in Denmark.
  • Santiano achieved a third place with 87,5 points in total and the impressive marks of 8 for walk, 8,5 for trot, 9,5 for canter, 8,5 for suppleness, 9 for self-carriage, ridability and interior as well as 9 for capacity at his 21-days performance test in KWPN.

    The official KWPN Research Report 2020:
    – Blue Hors Santiano is a balancedreliable and sympathetic stallion with a good attitude. The stallion is very willing to work and works very well. The walk is pureactive and has more than sufficient scope. The trot has a lot of cadence, has good scopegood balance and a lot of switching power. The hindleg should have slightly more bend. The canter is uphill with good scope, a lot of impulsion and shows a lot of ability to close. Blue Hors Santiano moves with very good posture, a lot of balance and a lot to a lot of flexibility. Blue Hors Santiano has a lot of talent for dressage and gives his rider a very good feeling.

  • In 2022, Santiano has participated in the Dutch Stallion Competitions, where he has achieved the top marks of 8 for walk9 for trot9.5 for canter9 for rideability and 8.5 for wholeness, besides also standing stud at Hengstenstation van Uytert, where he has covered almost 400 mares.

    – Santiano has developed, and he presents himself as a true sportsmodel with lots of great stallion character, says breeding manager Martin Klavsen

  • The sire is the triple WBYHC winner, the Blue Hors Zack-son Sezuan. Sezuan is an extremely valuable producer of both talented and popular breeding stallions, championship winners, high-awarded mares, as well as highly sought-after sports horses, who all show great talent for the highest level of dressage as well as impressive gaits. Sezuan is also the only stallion who has already sired several WBYHC medal winners – who are also already on their way to the top sport. The siressire is none other than Blue Hors Zack, who has placed in the Top 10 on the FEI’s world rankings and has gone to several of the biggest international dressage championships, including the Olympics in 2020, and who is also the sire of Sezuan’s full sister Straight Horse Ascenzione, who is a successful WBYHC finalist and now victorious in international small tour.
  • Santiano is line-bred on the stallion who revolutionized Danish dressage horse breeding, Blue Hors Don Schufro. Don Schufro participated in winning the Danish national team a bronze medal during the Olympics in Hong Kong in 2008. Don Schufro’s daughters in particular have been of enormous importance in modern riding horse breeding.
  • With mares by both Blue Hors Romanov (damsire) and Don Schufro (damsdamsire), who were both active in international Grand Prix dressage at the highest level, alongside successful careers as breeding stallions, the damline behind Santiano is extremely exciting and with an impressive production of successful sports and breeding horses that do well across breeding associations and national borders. Zack has often competed in international Grand Prix against his own son Glock’s Zonik, who is half-brother to Santiano, as they are both by the dam Romanik. Romanik is also the dam of the Grand Prix mare Zackonik, just as she is the damsdam of the gold medal mare Straight Horse De Milla, who in 2020 was selected for WBYHC. She is also the mare behind the approved stallion Straight Horse Sir Romance, just as Santiano’s full brother Straight Hors Sezarion is well on his way to an international career with his Spanish Grand Prix rider Alejandro Asencio Mendez.
  • Breeding manager Martin Klavsen is delighted to have a Sezuan-son like Blue Hors Santiano, where type, movement,  damline and a genetic origin that oozes with performance on the fathers, as well as the mothers side -with highly awarded mares and stallions, as well as sport horses with achievements in international Grand Prix dressage, all applies,

    – He is the Sezuan son we have been waiting for, because he is not only top-athletic and well-balanced in his movements, but also a very uncomplicated horse that is a pleasure to work with, says Martin.

  • With a lot of performative blood running through his veins, we expect Santiano to be able to add his qualities for sport to his offspring, by passing on his capacity as well as his ridability and great work ethic. Especially his well-balanced and naturally huge canter is worth to keep in mind, while choosing him as the stallion for your mare. Type-as well as pedigree-wise, he fits a wide range of mares.

    – We expect Santiano to pass on his great format, conformation as well as his agile movement and great mechanic, says Martin Klavsen

  • Super first crop of foals with several champion foals and auction highlights