Blue Hors

Covering Conditions

Before semen is ordered, we need following details

  • The owner‘s name and exact address
  • Exact shipping address, if different from owner
  • Desired stallion
  • Detail of the mare (copy of the mare’s pedigree)
  • If the covering is to be registered in a studbook the breeding certificates must be submitted to us (Blue Hors or a distributor) at the beginning of the breeding season.
  • The stud fees in Euros are exclusive of VAT (25%) and must be paid in advance.

The shipping costs and the health certificate costs are to be paid by the breeder.

Should a stallion be temporarily unavailable during the breeding season due to competition, sickness etc., another desired Blue Hors or Stutteri Ask stallion can be used. No claims can be made for the reimbursement of the stud fee.

When ordering frozen semen, please note that we only sell the semen per insemination dosis. Prices can be attained by telephone or fax. Should your mare not conceive, you can not claim any reimbursement of the stud fee or any kind of stud fee credit for the following year. Resale of the frozen semen is strictly forbidden.

In order for us to be able to forward the semen, you must send us a container suitable for transportation in advance. Otherwise the same conditions apply, which are applicable for the fresh semen.


Distributors International

For information on the general terms and conditions when ordering semen please consult with our local distributors.

Consult our local distributors