Blue Hors offers three variations of Psyllium seed husks

100% natural Psyllium Seed Husks of the finest quality! Read more about the difference between our three products and learn more about your favourite choice right here!
Blue Hors offers three variations of Psyllium seed husks

What kind should I choose for my horse?

Same good quality – different shape

In all three Blue Hors’ product variants, the Psyllium seeds have been sorted out so that you only have the pure, high-quality and effective shells left.

Psyllium Husk – 100% Psyllium seed husks, natural and unflavoured.

Psyllium Sweet Apple – high-fibre and delicious Psyllium seed husks added dried apple fibres for a delicious apple flavour.

Psyllium Pellets – Flavour-neutral Psyllium seed husks in pellet form, ideal for picky eaters who won’t eat powder or large amounts of feed.


Benefits of pelleted psyllium seed husks

Pelleted Psyllium seed husk are compressed in to pellets and take up less space in the crate feed than the regular Psyllium husks. Psyllium pellets are therefore more similar to regular feed pellets, which horses are more used to.

Pelleted Psyllium seed husks is particularly beneficial for fussy and picky eaters. Some horses will reject eating the “regular” Psyllium seed husks in their feed as they do not like the texture. Horse owners may therefore get the impression that the horse does not like Psyllium husks, but our original and pelleted psyllium products are actually flavour neutral. The pellets contain 100% pressed Psyllium seed husks – no additives – only natural content. Psyllium Pellets contain 2kg.


Benefits of regular Psyllium seed husks

As mentioned, all our Psyllium seed husks are of the same good quality and have the same positive effect – however, it can be added that one benefit of choosing Psyllium seed husks is, that in its raw form, the original seed husks are more economical on the long term. For horses that are not picky eaters or is already used to consuming supplementary feed, the original version of Psyllium Husk is beneficial for you – and the product will last a little longer with the 3 kg. purchase.

Psyllium Husk contains 3 kg. 


Benefits of apple flavoured Psyllium seed husks


Psyllium Sweet Apple is the finest quality equine Psyllium seed husks encapsulated with malted apples, which makes the product fresh and more palatable. Sweet Apple is beneficial for fussy eaters and discerning in terms of flavour, but don’t necessarily need the pill form – or if you just want to spoil your horse a little extra.

Psyllium Sweet Apple contains 2.5 kg of Psyllium seed husks.


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