Top Flex for healthy and supple joints in horses

At Blue Hors, we highly recommend Top Flex, a dietary supplement based on natural glucosamine, highly refined plant oils, and selected herbs - all with the purpose of optimizing the conditions in the horse's joints. Top Flex is available in two sizes - 1.5 and 4 kg.
Top Flex for healthy and supple joints in horses

Natural glucosamine

The raw material for the natural glucosamine is extracted from arctic shellfish living in some of the purest waters of the Nordic seas, and in fact, glucosamine has been known for many years as a beneficial supplement for stiff joints in humans. Fortunately, we can see the same effect in our horses. In addition to glucosamine, Blue Hors Top Flex contains blackcurrant, rose hip, peppermint, and our very own Energy Control Daily.

Learn more about the product right here and also read why Denise Andresen loves it:

We love Top Flex because it works!

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