With the right training and supplements, your horse is well on its way!

At Blue Hors, we have developed Muscle Build, which is a fantastic supplement that can help the horse quickly and effectively build its muscles. As a complement to the muscle-building process, we also offer Blue Hors Muscl' E-Vitamin, which reduces muscle soreness in horses after physical exertion.
With the right training and supplements, your horse is well on its way!

Muscle Build & Muscl E-vitamin for horses

Muscle Build

At Blue Hors, we have developed Muscle Build, an exceptional supplement that can help your horse efficiently build its muscles. The product is based on natural ingredients such as soybeans and easily absorbable plant fats, providing a slow release of energy in the body and ensuring stable blood sugar levels. The unique Muscle Build protein source consists of whole soybeans, gently dried and coarsely ground to preserve the natural content of oil, fatty acids, protein, and essential amino acids. To further support muscle building, we have added berries and herbs, including vitamin C-rich blackcurrants, which are rich in antioxidants.

Muscle Build is recommended as a course of treatment when increasing training intensity or when a horse is recovering from an injury or illness and needs to resume training. It is important to remember that like all supplements, it works best when combined with proper training – neither should be isolated.


Protein plays a crucial role in muscle development, so horses aiming to build muscles should be provided with an increased protein intake. Research has shown that poor-quality protein sources can negatively impact performance (source: Ridehesten 03/2018). Hence, we have focused on adding a high-quality and potent protein source.

Muscl' E-vitamin

E-vitamin is essential for horses as they cannot produce it in their bodies. Therefore, supplementing their diet with E-vitamin is highly recommended. Muscl’ E-vitamin contains natural E-vitamin, organic selenium, and lysine. We have opted for natural E-vitamin as it is more readily absorbed compared to synthetically manufactured E-vitamin.

Blue Hors Muscl’ E-vitamin is used during intense training, transitioning to more rigorous workouts, and when introducing young horses to work. E-Vitamin neutralizes waste products in the muscles, facilitating faster recovery. Additionally, Muscl’ E-vitamin can improve fertility in breeding mares showing weak signs of estrus and aid in enhancing the reproductive capacity of breeding animals.


During muscle training, small damages occur inside the muscles, releasing waste products that can cause muscle soreness. Extra supplementation of antioxidants like Vitamin E may be necessary to ensure quick and efficient recovery. While green grass is rich in Vitamin E, it may be a good idea to provide additional Vitamin E during winter, preferably in combination with Vitamin C, which enhances the effect of Vitamin E (source: Ridehesten 03/2018). Signs that a horse may lack E-vitamin include reduced energy during training, decreased performance, muscle tension, and lack of muscle development, among others. Note that these are signs, not definitive diagnoses.

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