Why should you choose to give your horse B-vitamins?

Does your horse tend to get nervous and anxious when there are changes in its environment? Maybe it has become a bit dull in the coat or is about to change stable environment for a period during a competition? If you can answer "yes" to these questions, then a supplement with B-vitamins will definitely benefit your horse or pony!
Why should you choose to give your horse B-vitamins?

Udover den velkendte 1L-version fåes B-Express også som en 5L-dunk

B-vitamin boost

Especially during the shedding or coat change period, one of the vitamins that the body’s microorganisms often struggle to produce is B-vitamins.

B-Express is a MUST-HAVE in our competition kit

At Blue Hors, B-Express is always with us for competitions and events, as horses can become stressed or sluggish when they change environments, disturbing the microorganisms’ production of B-vitamins. B1, found in B-Express, is incredibly important, especially in relation to nervousness in horses, as inadequate B-vitamin production in nervous horses affects the nervous system. B1 plays a vital role in building the protection of nerve cells, so without the optimal amount of B-vitamins, nerve cells remain unprotected. This unprotected state can lead to stressed horses that cannot perform optimally, making B-Express a beneficial supplement for horses.

How does B-Express work?

In Blue Hors B-Express and B-Express Zero, we have added three B-vitamins that are essential for a well-functioning horse body: B1, B6, and B12 vitamins.

B1-vitamin is known as the fuel that is needed to start the process in the horse’s body, where the carbohydrates ingested in the feed are broken down into the energy that the horse’s heart, nervous system, brain, and muscles need to function optimally.

B6-vitamin primarily works on building and converting the proteins in the horse’s feed components. In this process, B6 works with the amino acids that are important for the horse’s overall growth, maintenance, immune system, and antibody production. All of these contribute to keeping the horse’s body healthy, strong, and balanced.

B12-vitamin is a term for a group of chemical substances that are indispensable for the normal function of the horse’s genetic material. Genetic material is crucial in the process of converting fats and proteins into energy – and consequently for the formation of new red blood cells as well as the maintenance and regeneration of the nervous system, which is necessary for optimal nerve function. If the horse’s nerve function is imbalanced, it can become stressed and, as a result, not perform optimally.

A delicious supplement

Besides being a functional supplement with good B-vitamins, B-Express is also a tasty product that is appreciated in the feeding cart – even by picky eaters. So if you have a horse that won’t eat or tends to leave its feed, you can advantageously pour B-Express over the feed – of course, in moderate amounts.

To meet the varying feeding needs of different horses, Blue Hors B-Express is available in two versions: the original B-Express, which is enriched with syrup and honey, and B-Express Zero, which is free of added sugar but with the same great taste as the original with sugar.

Maintain your horse's energy during shedding

The most delicious B-Vitamin on the market, which your horse will surely love.

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