Lots of people came by for the daytime program at the Blue Hors Open House

Blue Hors Open House 2023 is more spectacular than ever with our big 30th anniversary celebration! The first part of the anniversary program consisted of a pleasant day with exciting presentations – and it was full house, as lots of people poured in, wanting to watch the presentations from behind the scenes at Blue Hors

Lots of people came by for the daytime program at the Blue Hors Open House

Today's program was packed with activities

Due to having our 30th anniversary this year, we invited everybody to a festive and cozy day with good food, stallions and great company.

Before today’s program started, CEO Ole Magnus Petersen held his welcome speech in the show arena at 3pm. Everyone was very welcome to participate in all or parts of the program! At the welcome speech, we counted 500 people on the rafters and these gradually became twice as many after the 4 teams had been divided and sent out on an equine equine learning experience at Blue Hors.

The focus of the program was on breeding and management at Blue Hors, of which the 4 station were:

Station 1: The stallion stable – daily life at the stallion station with Lene Hansen and breeding manager Martin Klavsen
Station 2: Riding stable – stallions in top sport (the philosophy behind our talent and elite development) with rider Nanna Skodborg Merrald and sports manager Ulrik Gerstorf Sørensen
Station 3: Foals – handling of foals with breeding advisor Lennart Lindberg
Station 4: Future – backing and selection of young horses by Ulrik Falbe-Hansen, manager of Future, rider Sofie Knudsen, Jesper Bisgaard and rider Michael Højgaard

When the various workshops were over, the 4 teams could report that the teams had doubled in size from when they started! So before the stallion show had even started, we already had 1000 happy guests visiting!

From 3:30-5:30 pm there was open stable at our new young horse department at Plougstrupgård, where all guests were free to drive out and look at setup and the many young horses. While the program from 5 pm offered dining, with 3 different options for those present – in the stables, the VIP and the glass hall (all of course decorated accordingly for a party for 1000 diners). In the stables, those present we dined with tapas and sparkling wine, which could be enjoyed among the horses and to the tunes of the jazz band that was playing in the hallway.

All this was a splendid prelude to the stallion show, which started at 7 pm with the presentation of this year’s stallion collection. We were excited to show our stallions under rider, along with some of the year’s first foals from our younger stallions, the breeder awards and this year’s Blue Hors Breeder of the Year.

After the stallion show, an after party was held in the barn.