30th Anniversary & Open House

Open House broke all records – 30 years in the industry had to be celebrated in style and breeders from near and far made the trip to Randbøl to take part in our shared passion for horses!

30th Anniversary & Open House
"It was a fantastic evening, I am still high on the magical atmosphere and the overwhelming feedback I have received from excited breeders"

Breeding manager

Blue Hors Zackerey

By Blue Hors Zack – Sandro Hit – Solos Carex

The gold medal stallion Zackerey is a very special stallion of a rare caliber. Only 7 times has Danish Warmblood awarded stallions with a gold-medal, and with his completely unique top performance pedigree, Zackerey is an obvious choice for such a special honor.

Zackerey is a top-stallion who clearly has the WHOLE PACKAGE! He has POWER and PERSONALITY and comes in a picture-perfect shape.

Zackerey has many younger offspring that shows potential to become future superstars and we have sky-high expectations for mares like Miss Daisy DWB, who was bought at the Danish Warmblood Elite Auction. She was the best 2-year-old mare on Funen and, despite an injury, there was great demand for her at the elite auction.

Blue Hors Bondo

By Bonds – Dante Weltino OLD – Rohdiamant

Blue Hors Bondo is the product of a damline where rideability and functional horses have been in focus. Despite him being only 3 years old, today’s rider Marie Witt Poulsen was able to show why he was named premium stallion in the Hanoverian association. This evening he showed a superior canter movement with lots of uphill tendency.

Blue Hors Luton

By La Vie – Bretton Woods – His Highness – Wolkentanz II

The newly approved stallion Blue Hors Luton, showed how excellent a stallion he is under his rider Cristian Tudela Ruiz.

With Blue Hors Luton you will find a combination of some of dressage’s most sought-after bloodlines represented by La Vie and the main-studbook-mare Brenda. Luton is a modern stallion with lots of elasticity and judging by the colt sired by Luton/Wolkentanz II/Matcho, who was shown on the big screen, this is also something he passes on!

Blue Hors Monte Carlo

By Glock’s Dream Boy – United – Jazz

Monte Carlo has slowly begun to try out the collected exercises and today Nanna demonstrated that they are well on their way in their training. In 2021, Monte Carlo by Dream Boy was Denmark’s most used stallion and plenty of power is just one of the traits that characterizes the many foals sired by him.

Martin presented 2 Monte Carlo fillies today – one on Miss Daisy’s dam and the other from the damline of breeder of the Grand Prix horse Blue Hors Zick Flower, Andreas Gregersen.

By Monte Carlo – Farrell – Rosentau
Born: 20.02.2023
Breeder: Bjarne Pedersen

By Monte Carlo – Zack – Resident
Breeder: 11.03.2023
Breeder: Andreas Gregersen

Uno Don Olympic by Blue Hors Don Olymbrio

By Blue Hors Don Olymbrio – Del Piero – Falkland
Breeder: Stutteri Uno

Rider Anna Zibrandsen presented her great hope for the future, the gelding Uno Don Olympic. She has said that she loves riding Don Olymbrio offspring and in Herning she had brought yet another offspring by Don Olymbrio, the filly of the year 2018 Remember Me DWB, who she was placed as no. 6 with in the DWB Young Horse Championship.

Uno Don Olympic is a prize stallion in Danish Warmblood and as a 7-year-old selected for the UVM final in Ermelo.

Breeders' honouring

True to tradition, we honored those of our breeders who in previous years have had offspring from Blue Hors stallions, who have succeeded on the show grounds.

Look forward to an in-depth article about the great results done by our breeders in the coming week!

Blue Hors Farrell

By Fürstenball – Dacaprio – Wolkenstein II
Breeder: Hans-Heinrich Plate

There’s no doubt that Farrell knows he’s GORGEOUS – he loves the attention and that people have only come to see HIM (please don’t tell him otherwise!)

In recent years, Nanna has ridden the stallion into victory after victory, and most recently they took 1st place  in CDI1* at CDI Herning.

Farrell has sired 14  approved stallions and several premium stallions, including Blue Hors Feinstar, who is part of the Blue Hors stallion collection. He is the sire of Mare of the Year in DWB 2018 and the mare Fascination, who was sold for €110,000 as the most expensive horse at the Oldenburg Special Edition Auction.

Blue Hors Feinstar

By Blue Hors Farrell – Bon A’Parte – Landsieger I
Breeder: Lars Wenke

One of Blue Hors Farrell’s signatures as a breeding stallions is that he sires beautiful horses and here Feinstar is a grand example, with his elegant and picture-perfect exterior.

Feinstar is not only a sight to behold – he is also a premium stallion in Oldenburger Verband. The bay Farrell-son is a modern stallion from the same damline as the legendary Feiner Stern.

Feinstar’s first crop of foals shows promise with the filly presented during this evening’s event.

Blue Hors Feinstar – Blue Hors Zack – Blue Hors Romanov
Born: 03.03.2023
Breeder: Blue Hors

Blue Hors Glamourville

By Glamourdale – Londonderry – Fürst Heinrich
Breeder: Christian Thelker

Glamourville is out of some exceptional bloodlines that make up a combination of dressage superstars – and with his beautiful exterior, he is one that is hard to miss. With Marie Witt Poulsen in the saddle, Glamourville showed that he not only possesses a fantastic exterior, but also great functionality.
Glamourville is the product of a combination of the near invincible Glamourdale and the Hanoverian top stallion Londonderry.

Blue Hors St. Schufro

By St. Moritz Jr. – Blue Hors Don Schufro – Atatuerk
Breeder: Joachim Wahlers

Blue Hors St. Schufro has been on everyone’s lips since his victory in the CDI5* Freestyle with 84.360% at CDI Herning. Here he clearly emphasized how safe of a choice he is, when you want rideable offspring. His progeny are sought-after by riders, and in the show ring his progeny often stand our at the top of the podium.

A very special offspring is the WCYH winner St. Paris, who is ridden by Victoria Vallentin. However, it is not this mare, but another St. Schufro mare, she rides today; the silver medal mare Lygum’s Zelina (by Blue Hors St. Schufro – Blue Hors Zack – Sandro Hit, breeder: Tine & Henning Lygum Jensen). Lygum’s Zelina won the Blue Hors Dressage Championship as a 3-year-old with, among other things, 10 for trot, 9.5 for canter and a 9 for rideability.

Blue Hors Kingston

By Glock’s Toto Jr – Turbo Magic – Flemmingh
Breeder: J. Zeewuster

Nanna has many TOP HORSES and upcoming candidates for top sport. Kingston is definitely one of the stallions in pipeline for many expectations. He has exactly the right attitude and work ethic, so there is absolutely something to hang those expectations on.

In the trot, the stallion has good mechanics and spaciousness with active, engaging hind legs and bearing. The canter is powerful, uphill and spacious. Kingston moves with great agility and extremely good posture and balance.

Blue Hors Solution Unik

By Revolution – Don Juan De Hus – Tailormade Temptation
Breeder: Stutteri Unik

The newest stallion in the stable has just been awarded the title of premium stallion in Danish Warmblood; Solution Unik. Morten Skov, who has bred Solution, highlights the stallion’s excellent temperament and today the only 3-year-old stallion takes it all in in a calmly manner. Blue Hors Solution Unik is a strong-type and elegant young stallion whose great-grandmother is the international dressage horse Diva Unik

Blue Hors Bonfilio

Bonfilio (by Bon Courage – Fürst Romancier – Sandro Hit, breeder: ZG Geldmeier) is a highly functional young stallion of high quality. He  is a stallion that possesses the whole package! He is handsome, well-paced and well-functioning, making him an exciting new addition to our stallion collection. Bonfilio is normally ridden by Tanja Rusovic, who was today’s test rider for Norwegian Warmblood – but luckily, Master Rider Marie Witt Poulsen agreed to ride Tanja’s horses, even though today was also her birthday!

Blue Hors Santiano

By Sezuan – Blue Hors Romanov – Blue Hors Don Schufro
Breeder: Straight Horse /Eva Götzsche & Mogens Pedersen

Santiano has been stationed with our partner Stutteri Van Uytert for the past 2 years, where he last year was the most used stallion in the Netherlands. He is now back in Denmark and under Nanna’s guidance it is clear that this is a partnership that works extremely well.

Santiano moves with very good posture, a lot of balance and great flexibility. In the Netherlands he won the Pavo Cup for 5-year-olds with, among other things, 9.5 for rideability

Blue Hors Baron

By Benicio – Sir Donnerhall I – Friedensfürst
Breeder: Albrecht Middelkampf

Denmark’s most used breeding stallion among the Danish breeders in 2022, and you understand that when you see how much elasticity he has in his movement! He carries himself with a huge shoulder freedom, that his offspring are also gifted with. Today, Cristian’s trainer Jon D. Petersen gave us a little insight into how they train the stallion. Baron demonstrated great talent and although he came to Blue Hors just a year ago, he has come a long way in his training in a short time.


That Baron is a guarantee for rideability is clearly demonstrated by the next horse. Balady (by Baron – Fürt Romancier – Rubiloh, breeder: ZG Klein & Mörnesheim).

In the arena, Martin was also able to show one of the year’s first foals:

Baron – Don Romantic – Cavan
Born: 17.02.2023
Breeder: Britt Sundvang

Blue Hors Zack


By Rousseau – Jazz – Belisar
Breeder: Bas Wilschut

No Anniversary celebration without celebrating one of stud’s BIGGEST personalities. He has a life worthy of a KING – he is the world’s best active breeding stallion, and the most significant breeding stallion EVER!

He is the sire of…

★ 515 stallions / geldings

★ 532 mares

★ 642 offspring starting with the letter Z

★ 43798 offspring points of which 251 are in jumping and 11 points are in military

★ 19 approved stallions

★ 44 medal mares

★ 3 times Mare of the Year in DWB

THE ONE AND ONLY KING ZACK was accompanied by the song “You are simply the best” sung by Christine Prip. A standing ovation from the audience put the best end to an absolutely fantastic day, where Martin can now proudly welcome the 2023 breeding season with a stronger collection than ever.