Succesful Subli Cup final for Santiano

Our stationed breeding stallion, Blue Hors Santiano, has not only been a very popular breeding stallion with almost 400 covered mares in the Netherlands – he has also qualified for this year’s Subli Cup final, where he has just came in as number 3!

Succesful Subli Cup final for Santiano

Our picturesque Blue Hors Santiano, who is sired by Sezuan on one of the best bloodlines through her and Glocks Zonik’s dam; stud Straight Horses’ Romanik, is stationed in The Netherlands, where he stands stud with our Dutch partner; Hengstestation van Uytert by Joop Van Uytert – and the Dutch breeders has shown themselves to be loving Santiano!

With a nice ranking as number 3 at the Dutch Stallion Performance Test, Santiano was ready for a busy breeding career, which ended with almost 400 coverings in his first season! An impressive result for a young and promising stallion. On a daily basis, Santiano is trained by Renate Van Uytert, who is also the rider who has competed Santiano throughout the season.

Santiano has, among other things, participated in the Dutch Subli Cup during 2021. Has he advanced as one of the 15 best horses from the qualifying competition and with a position as number 4 and the grades 7 for walk, 9 for trot, 9.5 for canter, 8 for submission, 8.5 for overall impression and a total score of 84% at the Subli Cup semi-final, Santiano was on to the final competition in January!

About the Subli Cup

The Dutch Subli Cup competition for young dressage horses is open to four- and five-year-old dressage horses and takes place in the most beautiful riding arenas of The Netherlands.

An important purpose of this show is to test the talent of the young horses in a responsible way, just as it gives outclassed riders a place to give their young horses the necessary show experience.

The event consists of a series of qualifying events (during both the indoor and outdoor season), a semi-final in December and the final in January. One horse may participate in a maximum of 3 qualifying events. Of these competition entries, a score is kept of all the horse's achieved competition results, as the two highest results from the qualifying competitions count in the semi-finals.

Only the 15 best horses from each age group from the qualifiers is invited to the semifinals in December. From the semifinals, only the best 5 horses from each age group gets an invitation to the final itself.

Santiano - No. 3 in the Subli Cup final

Now the final battle of the Subli Cup has just taken place – and what an exciting event!

Here, the competition’s five best 5-year-olds, who started the competition out as 4-year-olds, were shown. In addition to Renate Van Uytert on Blue Hors Santiano, Amber Hage on Mercurius ACM, Dinja van Liere on Mc Laren, Beni Pachl on Hexagon’s Gorgeous Black Art and Femke de Laat on Mission also participated in the final.

With 79.6%, Renate and Santiano placed third in the Subli Cup final, which must be said to be a particularly good start to the year 2022 for the Blue Hors and van Uytert collaboration!