Foal Evening at Blue Hors 2023

The Foal Evening at Blue Hors was, as tradition dictates, an evening full of stallions, foals, and breeders in the beautiful surroundings of Blue Hors.

Foal Evening at Blue Hors 2023

Filly. Born: 28.04.2023. Blue Hors Baron – Quaterback – Calypso II. Breeder: Iwe Horses.

Foal evening with focus on our stallions and their offspring

At the foal evening, breeders were invited to get up close and personal with the Blue Hors stallions and their offspring. It was a unique opportunity for breeders to experience the Blue Hors stallion collection up close. Breeding manager Martin Klavsen hosted the event and, along with elite rider Nanna Skodborg Merrald, guided the audience through the evening, highlighting the different strengths of the stallions in breeding and sport.

Particular attention was given to the younger stallions who were showcasing their first crops of foals. This evening provided an opportunity for breeders to see the potential and special qualities that each Blue Hors stallion passes on to their offspring.

The event also offered breeders a unique opportunity to network, exchange experiences, and discuss breeding matters with Martin Klavsen, breeding advisor Lennart Lindberg, veterinarian Cecilie Ventzel, and other breeders. It was an evening dedicated to the world of breeding, where participants could share their passion for breeding and learn about the latest trends and advancements in warmblood breeding.

Offspring by Blue Hors Baron

The presented offspring sired by Blue Hors Baron (by Callaho’s Benicio – Sir Donnerhall I – Friedenfürst, breeder: Albrecht Middelkampf) consisted of two fillies and one colt. All the foals exhibit exceptional suppleness, dressage talent, and great quality of movement. Baron’s stallion line is known for passing on rideability, movement potential, and exceptional elasticity. His offspring fully meet our expectations and have the potential to become outstanding dressage horses. There is no doubt that Baron’s lineage is a source of exciting breeding possibilities and future success in the dressage world.

Nanna Skodborg Merrald, the rider of Baron’s daughter Bonsai, could tell that she rode through the 5-year-old program on Bonsai the other day  – and Bonsai had given her a fantastic feeling!

“If they turn out like the two Baron daughters we have here at Blue Hors, then Baron should definitely produce more offspring as far as I am concerned!”
Nanna Skodborg Merrald

Blue Hors Baron (Callaho's Benicio/Sir Donnerhall I)

Offspring by Blue Hors Farrell

It comes as no surprise that breeders are lining up for Blue Hors Farrell (by Fürstenball – Dacaprio – Wolkenstein II, breeder: Hans-Heinrich Plate).

Farrell is the perfect combination of talent, rideability, and expression. With Farrell as a stallion, breeders are assured horses that will impress both in the competition arena and with potential buyers.

The presentation of these three colts is a celebration of Farrell’s influence as a breeding stallion and confirms his position as one of the most sought-after stallions on the market. These foals are a living testament to his legacy and an exciting reminder that the best is yet to come from Farrell and his offspring.

Blue Hors Farrell (Fürstenball/Dacaprio)

Offspring by Blue Hors Don Schufro

It is with great joy that we welcome an offspring from a true legend – Blue Hors Don Schufro (by Donnerhall – Pik Bube I – Unkenruf, breeder: Martin Meier).

At this foal evening, we presented a filly in an exciting combination of Blue Hors Don Schufro, Tailormade Temptation, and Bernstein.

Don Schufro, one of the great heroes of Danish dressage breeding, leaves behind a unique legacy with his exceptional talent and incredible rideability. So even though the number of newly born offspring is limited, the horses carrying his bloodlines are truly special, and this filly is no exception!

Filly. Born: 04.04.2023. Blue Hors Don Schufro - Tailormade Temptation - Bernstein. Breeder: Caroline Krog.

Offspring by Blue Hors Feinstar

Blue Hors Feinstar, a promising stallion by Blue Hors Farrell – Bon ‘A Parte – Landsieger I (breeder: Lars Wenke), comes in the same beautiful package as his sire. He is a stallion with an impressive type and presence that promises exciting future performances.

It is remarkable how Feinstar continues to follow in his sire’s footsteps while adding his own touch to his offspring. He truly is a stallion with unique potential and the ability to produce horses with both type and elegance.

Filly. Born: 02.04.2023. Blue Hors Feinstar - Blue Hors Zack - Solos Carex. Breeder: Blue Hors.

Offspring by Blue Hors Kingston

Three well-presented foals after Blue Hors Kingston (Glock’s Toto Jr. – Turbo Magic).

These foals proudly displayed the best qualities inherited from both the sire and the dam, and it was evident to see their connection to other Blue Hors stallions throughout their lineage. With their impressive presence and potential, these foals represent the best of Blue Hors breeding.

Blue Hors Kingston (Glock's Toto Junior/Turbo Magic)

Offspring by Blue Hors Monte Carlo

Monte Carlo’s offspring left no doubt as to why he is such a highly sought-after breeding stallion. Blue Hors Monte Carlo (Glock’s Dream Boy N.O.P./United), a true breeding champion, proudly presented 3 offspring that were spectacular and impressive, all carrying the same explosive movement potential as their sire.

Offspring by Blue Hors Santiano

Our stunning stallion, Blue Hors Santiano (by Sezuan – Blue Hors Romanov – Blue Hors Don Schufro, breeder: Straight Horse), who is ridden daily by Nanna Skodborg Merrald, and has now made a name for himself both in the Netherlands and here at home as a highly sought-after breeding stallion. Last year, he was a Dutch sensation, covering nearly 400 mares in Holland.

Today, two colts and one filly by Santiano were showcased. These foals come from different lineages, with some having Dutch roots, and the filly carrying a touch of Thoroughbred. Despite their diverse origins, it is evident to see how Santiano imparts his noble and modern elegance to both, aligning with the contemporary requirements for sport horses.

Offspring by Blue Hors Viconte

The stallion Blue Hors Viconte (by Vivaldi – Sandro Hit – Brentano II, breeder: Klaus Tuchen), who is currently stationed in England, was represented by a single offspring—a large-framed colt that has Ampere and Indoctro in its dam line.

Colt. Born: 19.04.2023 Blue Hors Viconte - Ampere - Indoctro. Breeder: Heidi Nisgaard.

Offspring by Blue Hors Zack

Blue Hors Zack, bred by the Wilschut family, is the son of Rousseau, out of a Jazz/Belisar mare. Even at the age of 19, he still hasn’t learned to stand still when being presented by hand, which gives rise to many humorous comments, including from his rider, Nanna, who jokingly said, “We break him in every Monday.

But despite Zack’s quirks on the ground, there is no doubt that he reigns as a king in the saddle. He is a true dynamo, delivering magical performances, and it is precisely this combination of charm and exceptional abilities that makes him a truly unique personality in the equestrian world.

During the event, an impressive offspring by Zack was presented. This foal is bred from Don Schufro’s excellent damline and carries a lineage of performance bloodlines. Moreover, he is a full brother to Blue Hors Zatchmo and Blue Hors Zirrus, which means he has big shoes to fill.

The foal, bred from Don Schufro’s dam line, inherits a distinguished heritage from both Zack and Don Schufro, contributing to the foal’s already impressive potential.

Colt. Born: 14.04.2023. Blue Hors Zack - Donnerhall - Pik Bube. Breeder: Blue Hors.

Offspring by Blue Hors Zackerey

The cherry on top was a well-moving colt by Blue Hors Zackerey (by Blue Hors Zack – Sandro Hit – Solos Carex, breeder: Tove og Ove Møller Nørgaard).

This foal, descended from Blue Hors Zackerey – Bøgegårdens Santiago – Baltimore Vrå, impressed with its noble and modern exterior, as well as impressive gait quality. It is clear that these two characteristics, noble appearance and strong gaits, are key features in the offspring of Zackerey.

Colt. Born: 07.04.2023. Blue Hors Zackerey - Bøgegårdens Santiano - Baltimore Vrå. Breeder: Højgaard Dressage.