Blue Hors Open House 2022

This year’s Open House 2022 at Blue Hors has just happened – and it has been with lots of stallion presentations, offspring, breeders’ awards, highlights, spectators and standing ovations – see more of what happened here!

Blue Hors Open House 2022

Blue Hors Farrell

The first stallion in the arena was Blue Hors Farrell (Fürstenball – Dacaprio, breeder: Hans-Heinrich Plate), who was ridden by his regular rider Nanna Skodborg Merrald. Farrell showed his huge talent front of the enthusiastic crowd that had taken the trip all the way to Blue Hors. Those present were able to enjoy him in all the Small Tour exercises that are part of him and Nanna’s international repertoire.

It was noted that Farrell has had a terrific year as a breeding stallion, where especially offspring as Bundeschampion and performance test winner, For Real, and the newly approved premium stallion Feinstar, have emphasized their sire’s worth in breeding.

Blue Hors Feinstar

The young Blue Hors Feinstar, who is sired by Blue Hors Farrell, Bon’A Parte and Landsieger I, is stationed at Böckmann Pferde, who had sent Feinstar and his German rider Hermann Gerdes on a trip to Denmark.

The stallion is made on the mare Gina-Goldina and is bred by German Lars Wenke. He is a premium stallion in the Oldenburger Pferdzüchterverband and newly approved by Danish Warmblood – and not only that, he also proved to be a convincing young stallion who danced his way across the arena with pomp, splendor and lots of power.

Offspring by Blue Hors Fortron

Blue Hors Fortron (For Romance I – Desperados) was beautifully represented by two beautiful foals; a foal by Blue Hors Fortron – Blue Hors Don Olymbrio – Blue Hors Zack, born: 10 / 3-2022 and bred by Bjarne Juel Skovdal and a colt by Blue Hors Fortron – Blue Hors Zack – Resident, born 06 / 3-2022 and bred by Andreas Gregersen.

The two foals were two lovely representatives of Fortron’s offspring, who are light-footed, beautiful and extremely sociable.

Blue Hors Fortron - Blue Hors Don Olymbrio - Blue Hors Zack, born: 10 / 3-2022 and bred by Bjarne Juel Skovdal

Blue Hors Kingston

Next live image was the black KWPN stallion, Blue Hors Kingston, who is by the Totilas son Glock’s Toto Jr. – Turbo Magic – Flemmingh. He was ridden by his rider, Nanna Skodborg Merrald, who showed Kingston in the begging of the more difficult exercises. Kingston shows a huge potential for collection, and Nanna was able to show him in the light intro into the passage and canter pirouettes.

Kingston is a stallion that is constantly evolving, and every time he goes to “show”, it’s like seeing a horse that has moved another notch further up the scale.

Offspring by Blue Hors Santiano

Santiano was also represented by offspring – and this offspring, a colt by Santiano – Van Gogh – Ferro, turned out elegantly. This foal was born on 05/03/2022 by his breeder Christina Kirk.

Santiano is taking on another season in the Netherlands, where in 2021 he had almost 400 coverings – a result for a fantastic stallion that we are very excited about and whom we look forward to inspecting even more foals from.

Blue Hors Veneziano and Blue Hors Valenzo

Blue Hors Valenzo by Blue Hors Veneziano, Dimaggio and Sandro Hit opened the show for his sire, Blue Hors Veneziano by Vivaldi – Donnerhall – Pik Bube I. Valenzo, ridden by his rider Cristian Tudela Ruiz, is approved in the Oldenburger Association and is bred by Christin Boekhoff in Germany. Valenzo is a state-of-the-art sport horse, whom by his nature is equipped with a particularly spacious, forward-moving and up-hill canter that is completely in a class of its own.

Valenzo’s sire, Blue Hors Veneziano, is active in the Grand Prix under his now third rider, Laura Kristine Thorup. That he as an active breeding stallion is now active under his third rider, testifies to a really high degree of rideability, which in every way is exceptional

Blue Hors Storm DWB

Storm is bred by Bjarne Skovdal, who has bred the stallion on the RDH mare Virginia, whom is bred by Ulrik and Lena Kristensen.

The Danish Warmblood stallion commission described Storm as a tall, harmonious and large-framed stallion, with a well-raised neck and good character as well as a stallion with a spacious and steady walk, a spacious trot with good action and a good canter.

The temperament is clearly at its peak, because with Cecilie Hedegaard in the saddle, one would think that Storm, despite being only 3 years old, has done nothing besides big shows in packed arenas with applauding audiences. A really beautiful and extremely cool stallion.

Blue Hors Monte Carlo

Denmark’s most used breeding stallion in 2021 is not without reason Blue Hors Monte Carlo.

Overall, Monte Carlo is sired by Dream Boy – United – Jazz and with his correct cut and powerful movement, he adds to the modern dams with open frames and long lines, functionality and power in the movement.

The first crop of foals by Monte Carlo showed enormous gait potential with lots of action, shoulder freedom and power. Similar for all, is their gait abilities and attractive attitude that certainly bodes well for the future as riding horses.

Blue Hors Viconte

In his lineage, Viconte unites two of the most recent breeding matadors and type guarantors in dressage horse breeding, Dutch Vivaldi and German Sandro Hit, who have both competed at Intermediaire level alongside sustaining breeding careers as some of the greatest, modern line founders.

Viconte’s damline is one of Germany’s most influential in recent decades and has produced a large number of premium stallions.

Blue Hors Baron

2 fantastic mares with Benicio-son Blue Hors Baron as sire made Martin open his eyes to the super agile and well-functioning stallion Baron. He has an unusually good CV with several high-ranking mares and stallions abroad.

The fact that Baron’s stallion line inherits rideability, unlimited movement potential with maximum shoulder freedom and elasticity, we got clear examples today in the 2 exemplary daughters who, despite their only 4 years, demonstrated lots of capacity and potential.

Blue Hors St. Schufro

If you at Blue Hors have to highlight a stallion that breeds rideability, you can not get passed St. Schufro (St. Moritz Jr. – Blue Hors Don Schufro). Most people who own a progeny by him will be able to report horses with an unusually gentle mind and who always wears their yes-hat.

St. Schufro himself is one of the stable’s most gentle boys and he has a special on/off-button that Nanna can activate depending on where on the scale she would like to show him. St. Schufro has made his debut in the Grand Prix and with his ability to always give himself a 100% and an unlimited talent, he is one of the stallions we expect a lot from.

Blue Hors Zackerey

A fresh greeting from Therese Nilshagen from Dressurleistungszentrum Lodbergen, who has just taken over the reins of the gold medal stallion Blue Hors Zackerey (Blue Hors Zack – Sandro Hit, breeder: Tove & Ove Møller Nøraard). After only 8 weeks in the saddle, she is excited about the energy and positive attitude that makes Zackerey a dream to work with. Despite his young age, he has fully met all expectations with superb foals and several approved sons.


Zackerey himself has a super mind and, and we have seen a lot of promising riding horse by him. Zenon (by Blue Hors Zackerey – Blue Hors Don Romantic), who is a Danish-bred horse of just 4 years, is ridden by Ulrik Falbe-Hansen and he tells very enthusiastically about this young horse, who has the right attitude for riding. Even today, when presented for the first time in front of 1.200 people, he maintains full focus on his rider and gets to show off his excellent gaits in a relaxed form.

Blue Hors Zack

Blue Hors Zack (Rousseau – Jazz) is not just the king of Danish dressage – he has also with his participation in the Olympics in Tokyo 2021, where he placed as the world’s best active breeding stallion – emphasized that he also belongs to the absolute dressage world elite.

Nanna and Zack have with their participation in the Olympics and in the World Cup more than deserved the standing ovations from the enthusiastic audience.

A Grand finale where this successful team could put a beautiful and festive end to a successful Open House with fantastic stallions and a cornucopia of offspring with a glorious future ahead of them.

Blue Hors Zack and Nanna