Blue Hors Santiano to represent Denmark at WCYH

Our popular breeding stallion Blue Hors Santiano has been selected to represent Danish Warmblood at the WCYH in Ermelo

Blue Hors Santiano to represent Denmark at WCYH

Blue Hors Santiano

"HURRAY! Blue Hors Santiano and I will participate at WCYH for Denmark! The selection was so exciting - and this "power horse" did his best. He really is a fantastic horse! Thanks, HansPeter Minderhoud for all the super help with him! And thanks to Blue Hors for letting me ride this amazing horse"

Renate van Uytert

Santiano at the top!

With a warm sun shining from a cloudless sky, the 5, 6 and 7-year-old horses that will represent Denmark at the upcoming World Young Horse Championships in Ermelo were named.

Horses and riders rode their respective programs in front of judges and a Danish WCYH committee from Danish Warmblood, who observed the young horses that had progressed to the 2nd part of the selection over two days.

Our popular stallion Blue Hors Santiano (by Sezuan/Glocks’s Romanov) had two super selection days at Vilhelmsborg with his daily rider Renate van Uytert in the saddle – and he is therefore also one of the Danish horses that has been selected to represent Danish Warmblood at WCYH in Ermelo.

As you know, WYCH takes place in the Dutch town of Ermelo on the days 8 – 11 September 2022. Here, Denmark can enter a total of twelve horses, as Danish Warmblood and TAF can enter four horses in each of the three age-categories (5-, 6 – and 7-year-old).

WCYH selection

The WCYH committee consisted of:

Ane Marie Jensen and Kristian Bech

Meanwhile, the judging team consisted of:

Gunilla Nyman, Birthe Lyder Nielsen and rider Dennis Fisker

These Blue Hors offspring will also represent Denmark at WCYH:

    F: Blue Hors St. Schufro – MF: Blue Hors Rockefeller
    Rider: Victoria E Vallentin
    Breeder: Bente Børjesson
    Owner: Vallentin Dressage & United Dressage
    F: Blue Hors Don Olymbrio – MF: Andiamo
    Rider: Søren Wind
    Breeder and owner: Stutteri Nexen