Zack is the world's 2nd best breeding stallion!

The WBFSH’s world ranking for sire stallions in dressage, valid for the FEI competition year 2022/2023, has just been released – and it is precisely here that none other than our own Blue Hors Zack ranks as the world’s second-best sire stallion in dressage horse breeding!

Zack is the world's 2nd best breeding stallion!

Blue Hors Zack, World Cup Herning 2023

An international top-league breeding maestro

Blue Hors Zack (Rousseau – Jazz, breeder: Fam. Wilschut) entered the top 10 of the WBFSH last year with a sixth place – and now he has advanced to a sensational second place!

This is, of course, thanks to national team horses like Blue Hors Zepter, Zippo M.I., Grevens Zorro, Bergsjöholms Valbonne, Famora, and Galleria’s Vincent Marnello. All among the horses that have scored the most points for their sire – and the list of Zack’s offspring in international Grand Prix is actually even longer, approaching 30 of them.

It is also worth mentioning that several of Zack’s eldest, approved sons, are also found in the top 100 of the list. Among them, Zonik and Sezuan.

WBFSH Top 10 Dressage Sire Ranking

1 (1) JOHNSON e. Jazz/Flemming - 31.541
2 (6) BLUE HORS ZACK e. Rousseau/Jazz - 23.001
3 (5) JAZZ e. Cocktail/Ulster - 21.929
4 (2) QUATERBACK e. Quaterman/Brandenburger - 21.356
5 (13) AMPÈRE e. Rousseau/Flemmingh - 19.715
6 (4) TOTILAS e. Gribaldi/Glendale - 19.048
7 (10) VIVALDI Krack C/Jazz - 17.880
8 (14) APACHE e. UB 40/Krack C - 17.401
9 (9) BORDEAUX e. United/Gribaldi - 15.358
10 (3) SIR DONNERHALL I e. Sandro Hit/Donnerhall- 13.695

Blue Hors Zack, Herning Hingstekåring 2023