Blue Hors Dressage Championship - Day 1

Blue Hors Sommerfestival is back with a combination of our traditional dressage and foal championship, along with a foal auction in collaboration with Danish Warmblood Auctions and a national dressage competition.

One of the major highlights is the Dressage Championship, which was to be judged on Friday by a panel of two newly crowned Danish champions.

Blue Hors Dressage Championship - Day 1

Dommere sommerfestival

Rising Stars in the Dressage Championships

Being 3 years old and facing their very first performance can be a significant challenge for young horses. But even though they lack experience and find themselves in unfamiliar territory, it is a safe and enriching experience to be introduced to the competition arenas in the calm surroundings of Blue Hors.

The event marks the beginning of an adventurous journey towards a brilliant riding career, and Martin is delighted that the 3-year-olds today comprise an impressive group of talented young horses represented with Blue Hors bloodlines from Blue Hors Farrell, Blue Hors Zack, Blue Hors Zackerey, Blue Hors Kingston and Blue Hors Fifty Cent, all of whom are progressing well in their training.

The judges

The competent judging panel consists of:

Laura Kristine Thorup
Cristian Tudela Ruiz
Sophia Ludvigsen
Nanna Skodborg Merrald

Once again, it is evident how much Farrell influences his offspring - they are both beautiful and incredibly rideable.

Nanna Skodborg Merrald

Dressage championships for 4-year-olds

It is exciting to follow the development that several of these 4-year-old horses have undergone since participating in the 3-year-old championship. Through focused training, they are well on their way to establishing a riding career. The class featured offspring of Blue Hors Baron, Blue Hors Zackerey, Blue Hors Farrell, Blue Hors Rockefeller, and Blue Hors Fifty Cent.

In both classes, the top 8 horses continue to tomorrow’s final, which starts at 8:00 AM.

The Dressage Festival is primarily a celebration day where breeders bring their young offspring out for the first time. We receive tremendous praise from breeders for this opportunity, where the young riding horses can experience the life of a competition horse in a safe environment.

Martin Klavsen, Breeding Manager