Hattrick for the Monte Carlo sons

Monte Carlo has been the sire of the winners of the colts’ final at the Blue Hors Foal Championship for the past 3 years, in 2021, 2022, and now in 2023. And this year, his sons managed to occupy all three podium positions!

Hattrick for the Monte Carlo sons

The colt's final at the Blue Hors Foal Championship

As a breeder, one is always searching for the “secret” recipe that just works! But it’s not easy to come by…

Today, the judges had no doubt that they had found a “master chef” who, with the right match, creates both “juice” and “power”!

Blue Hors Monte Carlo’s functionality and powerful movements harmonize perfectly with modern mares. This year’s top 3 colts were a delicious cocktail of bloodlines, infused with Blue Hors stallions through Blue Hors Veneziano and Blue Hors Hotline. A combination that opened the door to the gastronomic delights of breeding!

The winner’s title went to the incredibly well-moving and masculine colt, Agerbæks Safari, by Blue Hors Veneziano/Blue Hors Zack and further featuring Blue Hors Romanov/Blue Hors Silver Moon on the dam’s side. Safari was bred by Britt Sundvang. The second place went to Grønnemoses’s Monsieur Coeur LTG, with Bon Coeur/Blue Hors Hotline on the dam’s side, bred by Lena Grønnemose. The third place was awarded to Svalegårds Hot Carlo, whose dam is the silver medal mare and UVM finalist Svalegårds Hottie by Blue Hors Hotline/De Noir, who is also the dam of this year’s 4-year-old champion stallion, Svalegårds Hot Driver.

1. Agerbæks Safari

Colt, born: 20.05.2023
Sire: Blue Hors Monte Carlo Dam: Agerbæks Sweet Savana
Sire’s Sire: Blue Hors Veneziano Dam’s Sire: Blue Hors Zack
Breeder: Britt Sundvang

2. Grønnemoses’s Monsieur Coeur LTG

Colt, born: 13.05.2023
Sire: Blue Hors Monte Carlo Dam: Tinggårdens Copacabana
Sire’s Sire: Bon Ceur Dam’s Sire: Blue Hors Hotline
Breeder: Lena Grønnemose

3. Svalegårds Hot Carlo

Colt, born: 11.05.2023
Sire: Blue Hors Monte Carlo Dam: Svalegårds Hottie
Sire’s Sire: Blue Hors Hotline Dam’s Sire: Lauries Crusader XX
Breeder: Stutteri Svalegård

Floor Bröge Eddy Schuster Anne Mette Binder Martin Klavsen

The judges of this year's Foal Championships

Avlsleder Martin Klavsen naturally has a close collaboration with foreign breeding associations, and therefore, he enlisted the expertise of two prominent breeding authorities to provide their professional assessment of the condition and quality of the participating foals.

The Foal Championship provides a unique opportunity for breeders to receive unbiased feedback from these experienced judges through oral evaluations. It is important to remember that foals develop at different rates, and thus, this critique captures only a momentary snapshot that can evolve over time.


Floor Dröge (NED)

Floor Dröge is a prominent figure within the Dutch breeding association KWPN. She has established herself as a respected breeder and expert in horse breeding. Her dedication and expertise have made her a significant presence in the breeding world, and her contributions to KWPN have been invaluable. With her extensive knowledge and experience, Floor Dröge continues to contribute to the advancement of KWPN’s breeding program and the maintenance of their high standards for Dutch horse breeding.

Eddy Schuster (GER)

Eddy Schuster serves as the Chairman (erster Vorsitzender) of the Pferdezuchtverband Baden-Württemberg, which means he is the top leader and representative of the horse breeding association in Baden-Württemberg. As the Chairman, he plays a crucial role in promoting the development and growth of horse breeding in Baden-Württemberg.

Today’s speaker was Anne Mette Binder