"Balady is a fantastic horse who has got it all!" (VIDEO)

Cristian Tudela Ruiz is the fortunate rider of the breeding stallion Blue Hors Baron, whom last year was the Danish breeders’ top choice for their mares.

But he is also the rider of one of Baron’s fantastic daughters, Blue Hors Balady! And, this is a horse that Cristian is truly excited to ride. Not only does she possess three top-quality gaits, but she also has a wonderful personality that bodes well for the mare’s future!

A shooting star for the future


Blue Hors Balady, out of Blue Hors Baron – Fürst Romancier – Rubiloh, was bred by ZG Klein & Mömesheim in Germany.

She was first presented here in Denmark at Blue Hors Open House 2022, where she beautifully represented her sire, the breeding stallion Baron, and his offspring. In many ways, she is a typical Baron offspring, with her tremendous gaits and good temperament, making her destined for the top of the sport!

"Balady is a fantastic horse with three excellent gaits and a superb attitude. In fact, she's simply a horse that has got it all!"

Cristian Tudela Ruiz