Zack's sons and daughters are dominating the EC 2023

The European Championships in Riesenbeck 2023 are in full swing, and on this occasion, we can look forward to seeing several fantastic horses with roots from the Blue Hors stallions!

One stallion that is particularly noteworthy is Blue Hors Zack, who has a total of 6 offspring competing in the championship classes – and you can see which horses they are here!

Zack's sons and daughters are dominating the EC 2023

Famora (Blue Hors Zack)

6 Zack offspring at the EC

The FEI European Championships Riesenbeck 2023 are in full swing, and there are several fantastic offspring of Blue Hors stallions competing at the highest level of dressage!

And it’s not just the commentators who have noticed that one particular stallion has made a mark as a sire. Of course, we are talking about Blue Hors rider Nanna Skodborg Merrald’s Olympic partner, Blue Hors Zack (by Rousseau – Jazz, breeder: Bas Wilschut), who has a total of 6 offspring competing in the championship classes.

See the list of offspring here


  • Habibi DVB
    By Blue Hors Don Schufro – Johnson
    Breeder: Dressurstaal Van Baalen 
    Rider: Marlies van Baalen
    – Representing The Netherlands 


  • Bergsjöholms Valbonne
    By Blue Hors ZackEpson
    Breeder: Marita Strauch
    Rider: Malin Wahlkamp-Nilsson
    – Representing Sweden


  • Hot Hit OLD Campline
    By Blue Hors Hotline – Diamond Hit
    Breeder: Reinhold Harder
    Rider: Maria Pais Do Amaral
    – Representing Portugal


  • Famora
    By Blue Hors Zack – Krack C
    Breeder: W. L. Plaizier
    Rider: Charlotte Rogerson
    – Representing Schwitzerland


  • Galleria’s Vincent Marnello
    By Blue Hors Zack – Blue Hors Future Cup
    Breeder: Frederica Jane Gry Haugum
    Rider: Máté Garai
    – Representing Hungary


  • Grevens Zorro
    By Blue Hors ZackBlue Hors Hertug
    Breeder: Svend Skov Poulsen og Dorit Greve
    Rider: Anna Tallberg
    – Representing Finland

Fun fact: Grevens Zorro is a former Blue Hors-sales horse


  • Cyprus Ophelia
    By Blue Hors Rosoff – Ragazzo
    Breeder: Bruno Hindkjaer
    Rider: Gabriele H.-Kiefer
    – Representing Cyprus


  • Blue Hors Zepter
    By Blue Hors Zack – Wolkentanz II
    Breeder: Bernhard Sieverding
    Rider: Nanna Skodborg Merrald
    – Representing Danmark

Habibi DVB (Blue Hors Don Schufro)


  • Jolene Hill
    By Blue Hors Schufro Hit – Windsor
    Breeder: Hanne Andreassen 
    Rider: Tobias Thorning Jørgensen
    – Representing Danmark


  • Hønnerups Lidell
    By Blue Hors Don Olymbrio – Classic
    Breeder: Stutteri Hønnerup
    Rider: Hege Størseth
    – Representing Norway


  • Højgårdens Zackzimo DWB
    By Blue Hors Zack Blue Hors Don Schufro
    Breeder: Mireille Segatz-Bunte
    Rider: Line Thorning Jørgensen
    Repræsenterer Danmark

Jolene Hill (Blue Hors Schufro Hit)