Gold for Tobias and Blue Hors Zackorado at the Nordic Championship

In para-dressage grade II and III at the Nordic Championship, Tobias and Line Thorning Jørgensen secured gold and bronze for Denmark with both their Blue Hors Zack sons, achieving impressive percentages!

Gold for Tobias and Blue Hors Zackorado at the Nordic Championship

Tobias Thorning Jørgensen/Blue Hors Zackorado

Several Zack-sons on the podium of the Nordic Baltic Championships

The Nordic Baltic Championships is an annual event that brings together riders from the Nordic and Baltic countries for an exciting competition. In the para-dressage classes grade III and V, the son and mother, Blue Hors rider Tobias Thorning Jørgensen, and Line Thorning Jørgensen, both compete with their respective Blue Hors Zack offspring!

Tobias rides the former breeding stallion Blue Hors Zackorado (by Blue Hors Zack/Florencio II, breeder: Paul Rode), while his mother, Line, competes with Højgaardens Zackzimo DWB (by Blue Hors Zack/Blue Hors Don Schufro, breeder: Højgaardens Heste).

Most horse enthusiasts are familiar with Tobias! He has participated in various national and international para-dressage competitions, where he has established himself as a strong competitor in para-dressage – and with both World Championship and Paralympic gold in his trophy collection, he is currently the world’s best! His technical skills, balance, and connection with the horse have made him a remarkable rider, also at the Nordic Baltic Championships, where he secured gold with an impressive 80.067% in Freestyle.

Line, like her son, has also made her mark on the Danish para-dressage national team, and with Zackzimo, she won the bronze medal at the Nordic Baltic Championship with 71.675% in Freestyle grade V!

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