Avoid skin problems with Organic Zinc

Organic Zinc strengthens the skin from within. Zinc plays a crucial role in the overall function of the body, especially for the skin. That's why it's a great idea to provide zinc to horses that struggle with skin issues, as it helps strengthen the horse's skin from the inside and makes it more resistant.
Avoid skin problems with Organic Zinc

Zinc boosts the health of hooves, coat, and skin

Next to iron, zinc is the second most common metal in the body, found mainly in the brain, muscles, bones, liver, pancreas, intestinal epithelium, and kidneys. Zinc plays a significant role in the transport and exchange of CO2 by red blood cells, as well as in the function of over 200 enzymes throughout the body. Therefore, it’s important to maintain a balance of zinc in the body so that cells can function optimally, especially skin cells, which need to be maintained to facilitate skin repair.

Despite its important function, zinc is a sensitive element whose utilization decreases in the presence of excess calcium and copper in the feed. Blue Hors Organic Zinc takes this into account and adds organic copper to ensure a zinc-copper balance. This balance is crucial because copper is antagonistic to zinc. When using a zinc supplement, it is recommended to simultaneously provide a little extra copper to maintain balance between the two elements, preventing them from depleting each other.

With its ingredients, Blue Hors Organic Zinc is an easily absorbable zinc product with the taste of apple. It contains biotin and antioxidants like Selenium, Vitamin C, and Vitamin E, which neutralize free radicals, strengthen the immune system, and boost the health of hooves, coat, and skin.

Remember that Zinc should be used as a treatment when there is a need. The recommended administration period is approximately 8 weeks.

Organic Zinc - gør noget godt for din hests hud

If the damage is done, we have 5 good options to alleviate the problems

1. Skinhealer

  • An ointment for infected skin areas and scab formations
  • Has a softening effect on the skin
  • Important to apply to dry skin

2. Barrier Cream

  • Protects the skin from water and bacteria by forming a repellent barrier
  • Perfect supplement to, among others, Skinhealer and can be used during competition

3. Wound Spray

  • For treatment of minor infected areas
  • Has a drying effect

4. Milk & Honey

  • Softening and protective
  • Soothes irritated skin

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