Open House 2023

Live stream from Open House at Blue Hors March 25, 2023 from 19-21: Clip My Horse

Welcome to a festive and enjoyable day for all horse lovers and those who are just curious.

The event takes place in the large show hall here at Blue Hors. Here we will present this year’s stallion collection to the public, who will all have the pleasure of seeing stallions under rider as well as stallions in hand. Some of the first foals of the year by our younger stallions will also be on display.

Each year we hold a breeders’ award for the offspring of Blue Hors stallions who have performed particularly well. This includes crowned stallions, medal-winning mares and championship winners. A special Blue Hors Breeder of the Year award will also be presented.

Visit us this day and have a great experience, and maybe you will also get a little bit wiser about your eventual choice of stallion.