Blue Hors Future Auction

Explore an extraordinary equine showcase at the Future Auction, where exceptional talents meet illustrious bloodlines. Join us on an exclusive journey with future broodmares carrying the finest lineage, including the Don Schufro mare line. Uncover promising stallion prospects destined for greatness as influential breeding sires. Be part of this exclusive opportunity to shape a future filled with equestrian brilliance.


The Blue Hors Future Auction is a hybrid auction where bidding can be done online, by phone or in person at Blue Hors on Tuesday 13. February at 18:00.

Presentation of the collection at Blue Hors:  February 12, from 08:00 to 16:00. Registration with Martin Klavsen at +45 29 12 05 09 or Ulrik Falbe at +45 28 30 06 98.

The full COLLECTION is now online at auction.bluehors.com

Sign up for the auction right HERE


There will be an opportunity to purchase food and drinks from a food truck starting at 5:00 PM.

How do I bid?
The final bidding round will take place on Tuesday 13. February at 18:00. on auction.bluehors.com, by phone or in person at Blue Hors.

To bid online, you must register via auction.bluehors.com and you can place your bids from 17:00 on 11. February.

Are the bids without VAT?
The bid amount is subject to 25% VAT unless the Participant is not liable to pay VAT in Denmark. If the Participant is a trader or a business registered for VAT in another EU country, an invoice can be issued without VAT if the Participant can prove that the horse is transported out of Denmark and to another EU country immediately after the purchase is completed.

Are fees added to the bids?
No –  buyer’s fees are NOT added to the hammer price.

Are there x-rays on the horses?
Yes, there are X-rays on all auction horses. These can be viewed when you are registered as a bidder at the auction. Register HERE

Clinical examination:
There will be a clinical examination by a veterinarian of all horses 3 days before the auction starts. The result of the examination can be seen when you are registered as a bidder at the auction. Register HERE


These terms and conditions apply to online auctions conducted by Blue Hors Aps, Tørskindvej 70, 7183 Randbøl, VAT number: 15 50 47 49 (“Blue Hors”).

Blue Hors’ privacy policy and cookie policy are an integral part of these auction terms. The two policies can be found here:

Privacy Policy

Cookie Policy

By checking the box below or by creating a user profile and/or participating in an online auction, you acknowledge that you have read and accepted these terms, as well as the privacy policy and cookie policy. Furthermore, you consent to Blue Hors sending you emails with information about upcoming auctions. Your user profile can be deleted at any time, and your consent can be withdrawn by contacting Blue Hors at the following email address: auction@bluehors.com.

  1. Registration

Anyone wishing to participate in an online auction must be registered in advance by creating a user profile on the website. For a buyer who primarily acts outside their profession (a consumer), this is done by providing name, address, telephone number, and email address. Businesses must provide their company name, address, VAT number, as well as the name, telephone number, and email address of a contact person. (Any participant in an online auction, whether a consumer or a business, is referred to as a “Participant” hereinafter.)

Contact information is used for issuing an invoice in connection with a purchase at an online auction. Blue Hors has the right to verify that a Participant’s information is correct and may exclude a Participant who has provided misleading or incorrect information or who has otherwise acted in a manner deemed unacceptable by Blue Hors.

Each Participant has a personal username and password used for logging into the Participant’s user profile. A Participant is responsible for all purchases made using the Participant’s user profile. This applies to purchases made on behalf of a third party as well as if the Participant has facilitated unauthorized access to the Participant’s user profile. Blue Hors is not responsible for losses resulting from unauthorized access to and use of a Participant’s user profile.

  1. Information and Inspection

Before placing a bid, Participants have the opportunity and are encouraged to review the catalog with information about the horses being sold at auction, including X-ray examination reports and reports from clinical examinations. Participants also have the opportunity to inspect a horse and/or receive further information about the horse by sending an email to the following email address: auction@bluehors.com. An inspection can only be arranged by prior agreement. A Participant must comply with all instructions and guidelines at the inspection location, and all visits are at the Participant’s own risk.

  1. Changes

Errors and omissions in the catalog of horses and in auction terms, appendices, and other documents from Blue Hors related to the auction are reserved. Blue Hors reserves the right to remove a horse from the auction, extend the auction, or restart the auction if there is suspicion of misuse, errors, technical issues, or other matters that have affected the auction in a manner deemed unacceptable by Blue Hors. The same applies if no Participant has placed a bid higher than the minimum price set by Blue Hors. Blue Hors assumes no responsibility for delays, canceled auctions, operational disruptions, or technical problems of any kind.

  1. VAT

A 25 percent value-added tax (VAT) is added to the bid amount unless the Participant is not obligated to pay VAT in Denmark. If the Participant is a business registered for VAT in another EU country, an invoice without VAT can be issued if the Participant can demonstrate that the horse is transported out of Denmark and to another EU country immediately after the conclusion of the purchase.

  1. Payment

A participant is bound by their final and highest bid unless (and until) a higher bid is placed. The participant with the highest bid when the auction concludes is the auction winner and will automatically receive an email confirming this. Blue Hors will then send an invoice to the participant.

The invoice is due for immediate payment.

If the participant does not pay within the deadline, Blue Hors will send a payment reminder. If the participant still does not pay the outstanding amount, Blue Hors will send a demand letter under the Debt Collection Act § 10, paragraph 3, and a reminder fee may also be charged. The participant’s auction account will then be blocked, and Blue Hors is entitled to sell the horse to another bidder in the auction. The participant will be liable for any potential loss that Blue Hors may incur in connection with the coverage sale. If the participant does not pay within 10 days after the dispatch of a demand letter, the claim will be forwarded to a debt collection agency without further notice, incurring additional costs for the participant. Blue Hors is entitled to charge interest from the due date.

  1. Pickup

Horses purchased at the auction must be picked up within 5 days after the auction day. If the horse is not collected by the Participant within 5 days after the auction’s conclusion, Blue Hors may charge EUR 20 per day from the Participant for stabling and feeding, etc.

Once Blue Hors has received the purchase amount, including VAT, ownership transfers to the participant, and the participant can pick up the horse at Blue Hors’ address. (If it is a foal, it can only be picked up when ready to be separated from the mare. The participant and Blue Hors will make further arrangements.) Blue Hors reserves the right to retain the horse until the payment is registered in the account.

The risk of the horse’s deterioration or accidental loss (death) transfers from Blue Hors to the participant when the participant picks up the horse; specifically when the participant or a representative has taken over the lead rope for the horse.

The horse’s passport, ownership certificate, and other relevant documents regarding the horse are handed over to the participant upon their pickup of the horse.

The participant ensures that mandatory liability insurance, in accordance with applicable law, is obtained and effective from the time of pickup, and that ownership transfer of the horse is reported within 30 days from the participant’s payment for the horse.

  1. Defects and Shortcomings

Blue Hors provides no warranties, including for a horse’s potential and/or development. The Participant cannot claim that any of the conditions described in materials that the Participant has had access to prior to placing their bid constitute a defect or shortcoming in the horse. This applies to conditions described in the horse catalog, the X-ray examination report, the report from the clinical examination, and other materials provided by Blue Hors. Furthermore, the Participant cannot assert defects or shortcomings related to conditions that the Participant was otherwise aware of at the time of placing their bid in the auction, including conditions that were or should have been discovered by the Participant during their inspection of the horse.

If an agreement for the purchase of a horse is terminated due to a defect or shortcoming that entitles the Participant to terminate the agreement, the Participant may, in addition to the refund of the purchase price, demand compensation for follow-up costs related to the horse’s stabling, feeding, veterinarian care, insurance, etc., up to a maximum of EUR 10 per day, from the time the Participant notifies Blue Hors of the defect until the agreement is actually terminated.

  1. Warranty Claim Period

The warranty claim period is two weeks from the time the Participant discovered or should have discovered a defect or shortcoming in the horse. The Participant must provide written notice to Blue Hors within this period if the Participant wishes to assert the relevant defect or shortcoming. The absolute deadline for warranty claims is 3 months from the conclusion of the purchase (payment of the purchase price to Blue Hors). After this period, the Participant can no longer claim defects or shortcomings in the horse.

  1. Disputes

The agreement is subject to Danish law, without regard to international private law rules or principles that may lead to the application of the law of another country.

Any dispute arising in connection with the agreement shall be settled by the ordinary Danish courts, unless the parties – after the dispute has arisen – agree that the dispute shall be settled by arbitration in accordance with the then-current ordinary rules of arbitration for horses of SEGES or rules for expanded arbitration for horses. Regardless of the above, the parties agree to seek to resolve any dispute as quickly as possible through dialogue and negotiation, taking into account that the subject of the sale is a living animal.

  1. Right of Withdrawal

There is no right of withdrawal for businesses.

There is a 14-day right of withdrawal for a consumer when purchasing on Blue Hors’ online or hybrid auctions. The withdrawal period runs from the day when the Participant – or a third party designated by the Participant – takes possession of the horse. If the withdrawal period expires on a holiday, a Saturday, a Sunday, or Constitution Day, the withdrawal period is extended to the following working day instead.

To exercise the right of withdrawal, the Participant must notify Blue Hors of this within the withdrawal period. The notice must be unambiguous and in writing.

If the Participant exercises the right of withdrawal, Blue Hors will refund the purchase price to the Participant without undue delay and in any case no later than 14 days from the date on which Blue Hors receives notice of the Participant’s exercise of the right of withdrawal. Blue Hors will carry out such repayment using the same means of payment that the Participant used for the original transaction, unless the Participant has expressly agreed to another payment method. The Participant will not incur any fees as a result of the repayment. Blue Hors may withhold the purchase amount until the horse has been returned to Blue Hors.

The Participant must return the horse to Blue Hors without undue delay and no later than 14 days from the date on which the Participant informed Blue Hors of the exercise of the right of withdrawal. The Participant must bear the direct costs associated with the return of the horse.

The Participant is liable for any reduction in the value of the horse resulting from the Participant’s handling.

  1. Complaint

A complaint about a product or service, when the purchase price is less than DKK 100,000, can be submitted to the Center for Complaint Resolution, Nævnenes Hus, Toldboden 2, 8800 Viborg, Denmark. You can file a complaint with the Center for Complaint Resolution via the Complaint Portal for Nævnenes Hus.

These auction terms were last revised on January 2024

Have you just purchased a foal/young horse at our foal auction and are unsure about how to best care for it in the first months? Don’t worry!

Our experienced and dedicated team is ready to receive your newly acquired foal from the Blue Hors Elite Foal Auction and provide it with loving care and attention. We offer a safe and stimulating atmosphere where the foal can grow and develop under expert guidance in familiar surroundings alongside its equine friends.

Your foal is welcome in our foal nursery until Easter. We take care of everything, from proper feeding to socialization with other foals. This way, you can be confident that your foal receives the best care.

NOTE: This applies ONLY to foals / young horses purchased at Blue Hors’ auctions.