Blue Hors Open House 2021

This year’s Open House at Blue Hors has just ended. It was a great show filled with presentations of the stallion collection 2021, a handful of offspring, and show jumping stallions from Stud Ask. Here we give you some of our personal highlights from today’s show!

Blue Hors Open House 2021

The Blue Hors Breeder of the Year Trophy

In his welcoming speech, breeding manager Martin Klavsen, accompanied by Søren Møller Rohde from Stud Ask, presented this year’s show. He acknowledged that it (once again) had to be done in an online-version, but that we this time would do it all LIVE – without any kind of filter. This way, we hope that all of you at home were able to feel a bit of the Open House “atmosphere”.

The young stallions

The two newest additions to our collection; Spectrum by Sezuan/Sandro Hit and Valenzo by Blue Hors Veneziano/Dimaggio, showed great form at the show!

Spectrum, ridden by Cristian Tudela Ruiz, is a young stallion who combines the sought-after blood of Sezuan with a succesful damline with the classic Sandro Hit and powerful Lanciano.

Valenzo, who is by our own Veneziano, brings something very special to the table with his german performance-lines. He is a topmodern carrier of the Vivaldi-line, super sporty and was shown by Nanna Skodborg Merrald, who seemed pleased by her new stallion.

Blue Hors Valenzo

Top showjumpers from Ask

Stud Ask was well represented by the Casall Ask-son Cassado Ask, who was flying high throughout the show with Maria Bjørnkær Asferg in the saddle. Cassado was premium stallion in 2019 with a 9 in overall impression. As a 4 year old Cassado won the young horse championships, and as a 5 year old he scored an 8.4 in the qualifier.

Action Man Z Ask by Action-Breaker/Calvados Z and Søren Møller Rohde showed us why they won the young horse championships in 2020 with an 8.8. Action Man jumps in a very convincing manner and is without a doubt a top horse for the future.

Action Man Z Ask

Breeder of the Year 2021 - Lisbeth Bredmose Andersen

Due to the COVID-19-situation, the Blue Hors Breeder of the Year trophy was awarded to breeder Lisbeth B. Andersen with a home-visit.

Breeding manager Martin Klavsen visited Stud LBA in Skals, Denmark, to surprise Lisbeth with flowers and the beautiful bronze-trophy of Blue Hors Don Schufro.

Together with breeder and friend of Lisbeth, Esben Pedersen from Stud SEM, we had made sure that Lisbeth would be at home for the surprise.

And that is why, it was a very happy and surprised Lisbeth who greeted Martin, when he arrived with the trophy and a Blue Hors photographer by his side.

Lisbeth and Martin

Usually we celebrate the breeders who has done well throughout the year in person at our Open House event. That wasn’t possible this year either.

But, we still celebrated them. Only this time online with a slideshow of their top offspring. This year, the list included WBCYH participants, approved stallions, medal-awarded mares, top-foals, elite-stallions and several sportshorses, all sired by a Blue Hors stallion.

The stallions and the first foals

Kingston and Nanna S. Merrald showed continued strong tendencies, which are beginning to approach where it for this stallion will become very exciting as he possesses a huge talent for the difficult stuff, as Martin pointed out. Two large-framed offspring by Kingston was shown, and especially Vestermarkens Kenzo was impressive and showed himself in a more than convincing way.One of the biggest highlights of the day!

Viconte, who is a stallion from an extremely successful pedigree that combines the world stallion Vivaldi and a full-sister to the super mare Poetin, showed with German Lukas Fischer, a very good form that really underlines the stallion’s qualities. Two slightly young foals were shown, and they seemed extremely elegant of type.

The Blue Hors Zack / Florencio I-son; Zackorado, was ridden by his usual rider; Cristian Tudela Ruiz. Here, the stallion’s enormous rideability was praised by both rider as well as the seasoned commentator-team consisting of Casper Cassøe and Martin Klavsen. Martin also highlighted the high degree of nobility that we saw in the two Zackorado offspring shown after the presentation of the stallion.

Fortron, who is sired by For Romance II/Desperados, showed off his ever bouncy movement with Cristian Tudela Ruiz. The stallion, premium stallion in Oldenburg in 2019 and in Danish Warmblood 2020, also had a couple of offspring that were shown. Both offspring showed a very nice expression that seem to characterize those of Fortron’s foals we have inspected so far.

The KWPN premium stallion Monte Carlo showed us his three top-gaits, strong engine and powerful movement under Cristian Tudela Ruiz. The two impressive offspring that followed him up showed a nice figure with top-elastic movement and huge shoulder freedom. Another big higlight of the day!

“The Crown Prince” (if Zack is “The King”) Farrell by Fürstenball / Dacaprio was confidently showing us what hiam and his usual rider Nanna has started working on. There’s no doubt, that the “difficult” things, are fluid, natural and easy for Farrell and Nanna.