Kjærgaards Zaga by Blue Hors Zackerey was best at Vilhelmsborg!

Vilhelmsborg hosted the Danish Warmblood Region 5 saddle grading for dressage mares this weekend, where several mares, including two Zackerey daughters and one Livius daughter, were selected for the Danish Warmblood Elite Show in September.

Kjærgaards Zaga by Blue Hors Zackerey was best at Vilhelmsborg!

Kjærgaards Saga (Blue Hors Zackerey)

Saddle grading at Vilhelmsborg

The two panels of judges for the day consisted of Jens Søgaard and Iben Strøm with gaits judge Mette Svarre Ehlers, as well as Vicky Nortvig and Jette Fries with gaits judge Karsten Petersen.

The best of the day among the 4-year-olds and older mares was catalog number 546 Kjærgaards Zaga by Blue Hors Zackerey – De Noir (owner and breeder: Pernille Henning Kjærgaard and Henning Kjærgaard), ridden by Ida Hofman Bang.

The judges described the mare as a well-framed and well-lined mare that works very willingly with particularly good movement and carriage. Good uphill tendency. She received 8.5 in both canter and capacity.

Also selected for the KRAFFT Elite Show for 4-year-olds and older mares is catalog number 547 Sandbæks Beatrice by Blue Hors Zackerey – Blue Hors Don Olymbrio (owner: Stutteri Schuberts by Mette W. Hansen, breeder: Eigil Kirkegaard Nielsen), presented by Kristian Würtz Green.

Sandbæks Beatric (Blue Hors Zackerey)

Livius daughter ready for the Elite Show

Among the 3-year-old mares, the colorful Livius daughter, Haute Couture Fuglsang by Blue Hors Livius – De Niro (owner and breeder: Anne-Dorte Riis Laursen) was also selected for the KRAFFT Elite Show:

The mare’s dam is the silver medal and elite mare Holiday, whose mother, Lady Harmonie, is also appointed as an Elite mare. The offspring, Haute Couture Fuglsang, was ridden by Anders. U. Sjoebeck Hoeck.

Haute Couture Fuglsang (Blue Hors Livius)