Interview with Nanna - from "underdog" to favourite

Dive into this exclusive interview with the Danish dressage star, Nanna Skodborg Merrald. After her impressive performance in Aachen, she shares her dreams and expectations, and describes the changes that have occurred in the transition from “underdog” to favorite, while also revealing how she handles the pressure.

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"The expectations are high, but having good people around me helps me stay focused on the "real" task, which is the competition."

Nanna Skodborg Merrald is no longer just a promising dressage rider on the rise. After her outstanding performance in Aachen, she has become one of the big names in dressage, a rider that her competitors closely watch. But what does it really mean for Nanna to switch from being an “underdog” to a favorite?

When you switch from being an underdog to a favorite, it definitely changes your self-perception,” Nanna admits.

Being among the favorites comes with its own pressure, but Nanna takes it in stride. “The expectations are high, but I use it as a driving force,” she explains. “I believe in myself and my horses, and I work hard every single day to get better. That’s what matters.

Meet Nanna in an open and honest interview about a meteoric career that has placed her in the absolute world elite in record time:

"My biggest motivation is to ride the young horses, who develop every day. Riding a horse like Zepter in the daily training is 80% calm and steady, working on the basic foundation which might seem a bit boring."

Nanna Skodborg Merrald