Breeder portrait: Stud Jap.S by Anja & Jan Petersen

In 2016, catalog number 239 together with catalog number 246 and catalog number 251, among others, was selected for the Danish Warmblood stallion licensing 2017 in Herning, but 239’s career would show itself to not to be as a breeding stallion, but as an international dressage star with a great future ahead of him!
Breeder portrait: Stud Jap.S by Anja & Jan Petersen

WCYH 2021. From left: Jan Petersen, Anja Petersen, Touch & Nanna

An exciting stallion year

At the stallion selection in 2017, there were several future stars in the catalog, which to this day have developed into brilliant riding horses. The breeders behind one of these are Anja & Jan Petersen.

Catalog number 246 got his breeding approval and today he goes by the name of Blue Hors Fifty Cent (Franziskus / Donnerball). His dam is the RDH mare Giulia and he is bred by Linda Falensteen and Martin Strande. Today, he is owned and ridden by national coach Princess Nathalie zu Sayn-Wittgenstein, who lives in Germany. Catalog number 251 also got his approval, but is today a successful competition horse in the young rider classes with Blue Hors Talent rider Sophia Ludvigsen in the saddle, with whom he has just won EC team bronze in 2021. 251’s name is Blue Hors Quintana (Quantensprung / Desperados) and his dam is Desperanza while his breeder is German Steffen Brunkhorst. With these “classmates” to look up to, catalog number 239 is out of a very promising year of young horses that are doing well early on in their careers, both as successful young horse championship participants, breeding stallions and competition horses for the young riders.

”Little Jensen”

At Blue Hors, we know catalog number 239  best as Blue Hors Touch of Olympic L, who in our daily speech goes by the name of “Touch”. As the Danish saying goes: “dear children got many names” – this also applies to Touch of Olympic, whose first nickname was “Little Jensen”. Little Jensen’s breeders are Stutteri Jap.S by Anja and Jan Petersen from Fredericia. The reason why Touch is called Little Jensen is due to his mother Finelli. Touch is in fact a product by the breeders behind Stud Landlyst; Mimi and Finn Jensen’s Westphalian elite mare Finelli Landlyst. The chestnut mare Finelli was born in 2000 in Germany at her breeder Johan Hintemann’s place. Finelli is sired by the solid, German stallion Fidermark, who contributes with power, rideability and capacity. Har damsire is the Hanoverian stallion Davignon I.

From the young horse championship at DWB's stallion licensing 2019. From the left: Anja Petersen, Jan Petersen, HRH Princess Benedikte, DWB chairman Jan Pedersen & Blue Hors manager Ole Magnus Petersen

One day, Finn Jensen said to the couple with a firm, but loving, voice: “Come on, now we’re making those papers for that mare to be yours”. And thus, Finelli became Jan and Anja Petersen’s faithful breeding mare.  Finelli is their only broodmare, and as she reaches her last season, the couple is considering whether her heir should be either Jap.S Vega Valentina L (Vitalis / Fidermark) or Jap.s D’aisy Dee L (D’avie / Fidermark). The easy and sweet Finelli is pregnant right now with what will be her last foal. This one sired by the stallion Dynamic Dream. The Dutch blood, which can also be found in both Touch of Olympic’s father Don Olymbrio and in Dynamic Dream, has proven to fit well with the German broodmare. After 2022, Finelli will have a hopefully long and happy retirement with Jan and Anja, who they will miss greatly in their breeding program. Finelli is an experienced lady who easily manages the foaling in a smooth way, just as she is a loving and experienced mother who manages to raise her offspring in the best way.


As Jan and Anja’s only active breeding mare, there are several exciting half-siblings to “Little Jensen”, to be found among Finelli’s offspring. Some of these include the two Blue Hors First Choice full siblings Jap.s Forrest Gump and Jap.s Double Up L as well as Jap.s Angel of Mine L (Blue Hors St. Schufro / Fidermark), which are just a few of Finelli’s beautiful offspring sold to exciting homes and riders. Touch’s father is our own Blue Hors Don Olymbrio, who with his Dutch Jazz blood gives power and talent for the dressage. With this combination, Touch and several of his half-siblings are thus a product of the solid German performance blood from Fidermark and the expressive, Dutch Grand Prix talent that can be found in the sons and grandsons of Dutch stallions such as Jazz, Krack C and Ferro.

With Touch at WCYH - Now ready for the DRF's championship finals!

As Anja & Jan Petersen’s debut offspring on the mare Finelli, Touch was already successful in 2019 as a 5-year-old, when he became an overall number 8 with 850,000 points in the final of the Danish Warmblood Young Horse Championship in dressage at the stallion show in Herning 2019. Blue Hors Touch of Olympic L was selected for the world championships for young horses in dressage already last year. As you might know, the 2020 competition was unfortunately canceled, but fortunately Touch was ready for the task again this year – this time in the classes for the 7-year-old horses!

With Nanna Skodborg Merrald in the saddle, Touch actively participates in Nanna’s wave of success, which really rolled out during the Tokyo Olympics. At this year’s WCYH, Touch and Nanna surprised, by moving from a position as number 6 after the qualifying class to a fantastic silver medal in the final class.

WCYH: Blue Hors Touch of Olympic L with Nanna in the saddle and Iina at his side

Touch and Nanna showed a convincing program that proves Touch of Olympic L’s great qualities and huge potential. With the super nice grade of 9.6 for both walk, rideability and capacity as well as 8.8 for trot and 8.9 for canter, the pair ended on a nice score of 83.965, thus establishing Touch’s position as the second best 7-year-old horse in the world – and that in an otherwise very strong field full of approved breeding stallions and top geldings and mares!


Every week, Anja keeps an enthusiastic eye out for whether Touch and Nanna are going to a show. That is why Jan and Anja of course also went to Verden to see their offspring participate in the world championships – and the couple has only high praise to pass on, especially to Nanna, who has been Touch’s rider for a long time now.


With a more than good experience at the WCYH with breeder’s honors and greats talks about Touch of Olympic with both sports director Ulrik G. Sørensen and Touch’s rider Nanna, the expectation’s joy of seeing Nanna and Touch at Blue Hors for the championship finals in week 41 is huge.

“We wish Nanna could ride all our horses. She delivers one top trained horse after another and has been very accommodating”

– Anja Petersen