Do you find your horse a bit restless, excitable, or uneasy? You can help it!

Is your horse becoming restless when traveling, overly excited during competitions, feeling uneasy when changing environments, or perhaps it just has a temperament that makes it more restless than you think is good for it? If so, read on. We have gathered some good advice and tips for you - there's plenty you can do; you just need to find what works best for your horse!
Do you find your horse a bit restless, excitable, or uneasy? You can help it!

4 strong options for a calmer horse!

1: Blue Hors Energy Control Daily

Energy Control is based on 100% water-soluble plant fats, which ensures that energy is released slowly in the body, and it ensures that the horse maintains stable blood sugar levels. The general absorption of nutrients is also improved by using Energy Control Daily.

At Blue Hors, we have received many positive feedbacks from customers who, like us, have had great success with Energy Control for “spirited” horses that need a longer-lasting and controllable energy. We repeatedly experience that it takes the “edge” off their energy, and the horses become more focused on the tasks the riders give them.

The effect of Energy Control can be felt within the first week. At the start, the horse is given the indicated amount (see package), and it is recommended to reduce the concentrate feed by about 25% in the first few days, otherwise, there is a risk that the horse will become too lively!

Once the effect is felt, the amount of Energy Control can be halved, and if the desired effect is still noticeable, the horse can return to its normal amount of concentrate feed.

Energy Control Daily & Energy Control Performance

2: Blue Hors Magnesium

For many years, magnesium has been one of the most recognized supplements for nervous horses, as magnesium is involved in regulating the nervous system. A deficiency of magnesium can disrupt this balance and result in increased nervousness, irritability, and excitement in horses, making it difficult for them to relax or focus.

Blue Hors Magnesium contains magnesium and phosphorus with high biological availability, where the two essential minerals work together to support healthy bone and muscle growth, as well as energy metabolism.

Magnesium should be used when the magnesium content in the feed is low, such as in roughage with a low magnesium content. Grass and hay are normally good sources of magnesium, but the magnesium content in grass decreases in winter and early spring, where the high potassium content in spring grass inhibits magnesium absorption in horses. Horses that are naturally very nervous or have difficulty concentrating may also have a greater need for magnesium.

Magnesium is involved in a wide range of physiological processes in the horse’s body, including muscle and nervous system function, energy metabolism, and bone strength. Magnesium deficiency can also lead to symptoms such as muscle stiffness, fatigue, irritability, and reduced performance.

3: Relax (liquid) & 4: Relax Amino Gel (paste)

Relax (liquid) and Relax Amino Gel (paste) are supplements for nervous horses and horses with a tendency to become excitable. The products contain L-Tryptophan, Magnesium, and B-vitamins, which soothe the horse without causing any sedative effects.

The content of L-Tryptophan has the following effect on the horse: An old household remedy suggests drinking a glass of milk before bedtime to fall asleep more easily. The substance that has a relaxing effect in milk is L-Tryptophan, as it is an essential amino acid that serves as the starting molecule for serotonin production. Serotonin is a neurotransmitter that sends messages around the brain and is also known as the “happiness hormone.” Lack of serotonin can cause fear, aggression, and nervousness in horses.

For example, if your horse is very spirited in connection with a competition, we have the following good advice that increases focus and concentration in the horse:

You should ideally start using Relax (liquid) a few days before the competition, so your horse is covered over a period of time.

Relax Amino Gel, on the other hand, can be given in the horse’s mouth on the day of the competition, approximately 1-2 hours before you want it to take effect.

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