We are expanding the collaboration with van Uytert

With the start of the breeding season of 2021, we are expanding our collaboration with one of Europe's leading stallion stations, Van Uytert, which in future will offer the Blue Hors stallions in the Netherlands
We are expanding the collaboration with van Uytert

From the left; Tim Coomans, Nico Witte, Blue Hors Monte Carlo TC, Joop van Uytert & Jens Meyer

"Last year we sent our young stallion Blue Hors Santiano, which had not yet been up for selection, down to Joop van Uytert, who prepared it for the Dutch performance test together with Monte Carlo, where they finished as no. 3 and 2"

says breeding manager Martin Klavsen

For a number of years, the Blue Hors stallions have been offered by the stallion station De IJzeren Man in the southern Netherlands, and we are now expanding the Dutch market by also offering the stallions through the internationally recognized stallion station Van Uytert.

The collaboration with Van Uytert started last winter with the collaborative premium stallion Blue Hors Monte Carlo, and later with Van Uytert’s elite stallion Vivaldi, who stood at stud here at Blue Hors last year.

Joop van Uytert from the Dutch stallion station Van Uytert says that the collaboration is based on mutual trust and respect, which has also led to the next joint purchase of the three year old  Totilas son Nixon.

– Blue Hors has created a very strong foundation with stallions such as Blue Hors Don Schufro and Blue Hors Zack, and in the same way we ourselves have had great success with i.a. Vivaldi. I hope that we will be able to buy more top stallions together in the future , says Joop van Uytert and continues: We are very excited about Blue Hors Santiano, who represents exciting blood for the Dutch breeders, and that is why he is with us this season. My wife Renate is very happy to ride him and we plan to start him in the Pavo Cup this year, which is a possibility because he has been approved in KWPN.

In addition to Blue Hors Santiano, who is stationed at Van Uytert, the Dutch stallion station also offers semen from the rest of the Blue Hors stallions.


Blue Hors Monte Carlo will once again be with us at Blue Hors this year.