Lots of Blue Hors offspring at the Danish Warmblood Elite Show 2022 in Herning

St. Schufro, Farrell Don Olymbrio, Fifty Cent and Zackerey can now add more finalists and silver and bronze medal mares to their impressive portfolio of offspring
Lots of Blue Hors offspring at the Danish Warmblood Elite Show 2022 in Herning

Vega Stensvang by Blue Hors Farrell and handler Lennart Lindberg

In connection with the world championships in Herning, the Danish Warmblood KRAFFT Elite Show was held in the Jyske Bank Box on Thursday, where invited mares were to be awarded with medals of gold, silver and bronze.

2-year-old mares:

7 finalists were selected by the judges for the finals – including Vega Stensvang by Blue Hors Farrell/Blue Hors Zack (breeder: Lene and Egon Fræhr), who is trained at Blue Hors by Lennart Lindberg.

The judges said about the mare:

“Beautifully expressive and harmonious mare who is well-paced and works with a smooth movement”

Congratulations to the breeder and owner – and thank you for the trust in the training of your mare!


3-year-old mares:

Lygum’s Zelina by Blue Hors St. Schufro/Blue Hors Zack (breeder: Lygum Horses) was awarded a silver medal.
“A real functional horse that is feminine, large-framed and harmonious”

Zamfira Tek by Blue Hors Zackerey/Blue Hors Farrell (breeder: Hansenberg) was awarded a bronze medal.
“A tall mare with large open and suitable noble body parts”

Hardyssel Zarina DWB by Blue Hors Zackerey/De Noir (breeder: Ebba and Tage Sørensen) was awarded a bronze medal.
“A high-raised, suitable noble, expressive and harmonious mare”

Strandagergaard’s Sanadu by Blue Hors Zackerey/Blue Hors Don Romantic (breeder: Jørgen Abildskov) was awarded a bronze medal.
“A large-framed, well-marked and harmonious mare”

4-year-old mares:

Flair Klint by Blue Hors Farrell/Blue Hors Zack (breeder: Gitte and Poul Erik Klint) was awarded a bronze medal.
“A particularly expressive, feminine, high-raised and large-framed mare”

Remember Me DWB by Blue Hors Don Olymbrio/Sezuan (breeder: Lena and Rasmus Dalsgaard) was awarded a silver medal.
“A particularly beautiful model, who is harmonious and high-profile, suitably noble and with large and open frames and with very good gender markings”

Stærkærs Champagne by Blue Hors Fifty Cent/Belissimo M (breeder: Stutteri Stærkjær) was awarded a bronze medal.
“A feminine, expressive, high-strung mare”

Love It Nexen DWB by Blue Hors St. Schufro/Belissimo M (breeder: Stutteri Nexen) was awarded a silver medal.
“A highly expressive, feminine, high-set, well-raised and suitably noble mare”