Portrait of Beate Broscheit

Get a look into the daily life of Beate Broscheit - we promise you that it is an exciting one!
Portrait of Beate Broscheit

Beate Broscheit

Beate Broscheit works in the breeding department at Blue Hors, and in the video below she gives us some insight on her daily life

Beate lives at Lindeskovgaard where she’s responsible for 60-ish mares.

The 60-ish mares consists of donor mares, broodmares, surrogates and foals. Besides take caring of mares and foals, Beate also collects and selects the semen from the stallions standing stud at Blue Hors.

She also drives all over, collecting the foals bought by Blue Hors. She is likewise part of the preparation of the young stallions, making them ready for selections and testings in Germany, the Netherland and Denmark.

Beate has got one of the jobs you probably didn’t even know existed. It isn’t a job you can study for – this is a job where only experience and hard work counts.

Get a look into the exciting daily life of Beate in the video down under: