Master rider Michael Hoejgaard to Blue Hors

Michael Hoejgaard has been added to the team at Blue Hors in Randboel, Denmark, where he is to educate our youngsters in the breeding department alongside Tanja Rustic and the rest of our young horse-team
Master rider Michael Hoejgaard to Blue Hors

Michael Hoejgaard

I am pleased to be able to announce Michael as a new addition to the Blue Hors breeding department. Michael has a lot of experience with young stallions through both his education as well as his job working with Danish Warmblood as performance test leader, test-rider and in the auction department, - I am sure that he'll fit our team greatly with both his knowledge and experience

Martin Klavsen, breeding manager

Michael is a 40 years old  examined master rider educated by Ulrik Gerstorf Sørensen. He has a long and exciting equestrian-catalogue which we at Blue Hors are we happy to add to our team.

Michael har previously worked at Hesselhoej Hestecenter with Hans Joergen Hoeck, as well as at Skarbaek Rideklub, Vilhelmsborg and Egum Rideklub as leading master rider.
Michael has also been woking in South Korea with his wife Tenna Dyhrberg Hoejgaard, who is also an active rider – and with whom Michael has been running Hoejgaard Dressage with.

Michael’s passion lies within the world of dressage, including both sport and breeding, and the education of everything from young mares, young horse championship prospects, older, educated horses as well as teaching all kinds of students, has therefore always been close to his heart.
Some may recognize Michael as a in hand-presenter at the Danish Warmblood stallion licensing in Herning. In 2007 he was awarded the Hestens Værns ‘In Hand-Presenter’ award. Others may know Michael as a performance test leader or as a test rider or as part of the DWB Auction Department. 
No matter from where you’d recognize Michael, he har for sure done lots of exciting things, making him a favorable addition to Blue Hors

Daily life at Blue Hors

Newly employed Michael is going to work as a master rider in our breeding department. Here, together with breeding manager Martin Klavsen, rider Tanja Rusovic and the rest of our top young horse team, he well be part of planning and educating the young horses at Blue Hors.
This includes both mares and stallions of our own production as well as of those Martin buy throughout the year e.g. at auctions. This also includes the stallions and mares who come to Blue Hors for training and preparation for selections and tests.

Michael at the DWB stallion licensing 2012

We great Michael a warm welcome to Blue Hors!