Blue Hors Breeder of the Year 2020

Due to the global spreading Covid-19 virus this year’s perpetual trophy to Blue Hors Breeder of the year was handed over in somewhat different circumstances. Breeding manager Martin Klavsen visited the Straight Horse Stud yesterday on Zealand
Blue Hors Breeder of the Year 2020

Since 2014 Blue Hors has every year honoured a breeder for remarkable and successful breeding results with offspring from Blue Hors Stallions. The Blue Hors breeder of the year receives the perpetual trophy that is Blue Hors Don Schufro as a bronze statuette.

This year the prestigious title and honour were bestowed on the breeding couple Eva Götzsche and Mogens Pedersen that runs the Straight Horse stud. They have two elite mares:  Bøgegårdens Don Romina by Blue Hors Don Schufro, a gold medal winning mare and appointed mare of the year in DWB, and bronze medal winning Romanik by Blue Hors Romanov x Blue Hors Don Schufro. The two mares have a son each Sezuan and Zonik, both representing some of the best produced with in DWB. The two already legendary stallions are strong representatives for the Blue Hors Stud through their ancestors Zack, Romanov and Don Schufro

Successful horses bred by Straight Horse Stud, Allerød, in recent years

Sezuanna by Blue Hors Zack x Blue Hors Don Schufro – Breeder’s medal in gold and mare of the year in DWB

Ascenzione by Blue Hors Zack x Blue Hors Don Schufro – Breeder’s medal in silver, double finalist in WBYCH, rider Helen Langehanenberg

Zackonik by Blue Hors Zack x Blue Hors Romanov – sold to USA, competing on small tour level

Zarastro by Blue Hors Zack x Blue Hors Romanov – selected for stallion grading, sold to USA.

Don Zuan by Blue Hors Zack x Blue Hors Don Schufro – Successful in young horse championships with Cathrine Dufour

Zarina by Blue Hors Zalabaster x Blue Hors Don Schufro – sold on the DWB elite foal auction

Zonate by Blue Hors Zack x Blue Hors Don Schufro – selected for the DWB breeding show as a 2-year-old

Martin Klavsen had given notice to Eva and Mogens that he, while doing customer visits on Zealand, would very much appreciate if they accepted a visit if they were homebound. They were and invited Martin to lunch as well. The moment of surprise was huge when Martin showed up carrying the highly valued perpetual trophy, the Don Schufro in bronze statuette, and a camera man to tag along.

– We are very much taken by surprise and very proud over this honour but also very humble. We were so lucky to get our hands on these two amazing mares that no one really knew what they were carrying at that time. We are as breeders here in Denmark very much privileged that this country contains people with guts and capacity to go out and buy the very best of stallions and bring them to Denmark. There are no words enough to describe the impact stallions like Don Schufro, Zack and Romanov has had on our breeding. We are very happy to have been able to buy two new mares from Harli Seifert that both carry these bloodlines enabling us to further breed on for many years to come. We have also been fortunate to be able to cooperate with capable riders about our horses enabling them to develop in the best possible way. We sincerely wish to say a heartfelt thanks to Blue Hors for bestowing us with this honour including all our partners. There are a number of exciting offspring on the way by Blue Hors stallions. It might be a mare or a stallion by Farrell and one by First Choice, says Eva and Mogens from their stud in Allerød.

Blue Hors breeder of the year 2014 – 2020

2020: Straight Horse stud, Mogens Pedersen and Eva Götzsche

2019: Greven stud, Dorit Greve and Svend Skov Poulsen

2018: Brandtbjerggaard stud, the family Buhl

2017: Overgaard stud, Tove and Ove Møller Nørgaard

2016: UNO stud, Joan Andreasen

2015: The family Bastian in Germany

2014: Hønnerup stud, the family Hagedorn Jørgensen