Trine Ølgod's Best Grooming Tips!

Trine Ølgod is part of the team at Julianelyst, where she works as a groom for Agnete Kirk Thinggard. Trine's daily work involves taking care of Agnete's horses, both before, during, and after their daily training sessions, as well as when Agnete is competing at events.
Trine Ølgod's Best Grooming Tips!

I love spoiling the horses because they do so much for us!

Trine places great importance on keeping the horses happy, as they work hard for them. She ensures that the horses get plenty of turnout time, love, and lots of kisses and hugs. During competitions, when the horses cannot go out to the paddock, Trine takes them out to graze and go on many walks in nature.

Grooming is essential in everyday life

For Trine, daily grooming, just like for Ellen, is essential. With a good rub and brushing all over the body, the horse thrives well and becomes beautifully shiny.

If the horse has dry skin or areas where the hair is worn off due to blankets, Trine uses Milk & Honey, which she also applies to the corners of the horse’s mouth to keep them soft and supple.

Preparing the horses for competitions

The most important thing for Trine when heading to competitions is to wash the horse really well with Deluxe Shampoo and White Matine Shampoo on the white socks.

She always makes sure to have wet wipes with her as they can be used for many things – cleaning the muzzle and eyes, keeping equipment and her hands clean, and even dusting the cabinets – they are indispensable.

Trine also always carries Effekt with her as it is excellent for making the equipment shine, even when time is limited. Effekt enhances the areas that need to shine a little extra. Trine always applies it to the noseband and hindquarters well in advance, and just before her rider mounts, she polishes it with a dry nylon stocking, giving it a superb finish.

Before putting on the horse’s equipment, Trine applies Super Shine to the entire body, except for the saddle area, as it could cause the saddle to slip. Then she dries the horse with a Magic Cloth, making it look clean and sharp. The hooves receive a coating of Hoof Oil Deluxe, providing a natural shine, and the muzzle and eyes receive a layer of baby oil just before going in, which brings out their best features.

Did you know that?

When Trine braids the mane, she always uses a colored elastic in the second top braid. It’s not something you can see once she has sewn up the rosette braids, but for Trine, it has become a little “lucky charm” that she has carried with her from her previous jobs

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