Blue Hors Spring Auction 2022

For the first time ever, the first edition of the Blue Hors Spring Auction takes place - and this will be with a collection consisting of 14 fantastic riding horses that contain both extraordinary horses of top performance blood for the professional rider and several scoops of rideable upcoming stars for the hobby rider!
Blue Hors Spring Auction 2022

Blue Hors Autumn Auction 2021 was a great success that could boast of collection horses that were sold to both Denmark and abroad.

Here, among others, the successful young horse championship horse, Blue Hors Sir Helmut, trained by Blue Hors rider, Nanna Skodborg Merrald, was sold to the Danish junior rider, Astrid Würtz Green, just other fantastic riding horses were sold to hobby, as well as professional, riders.

Now, we at Blue Hors are ready with a new collection of auction horses, which will be part of the Blue Hors Spring Auction 2022. The collection will consist of 14 selected riding horses of good quality and at different levels of education, all professionally trained by Blue Hors’ team of riders.

Blue Hors Spring Auction is a unique platform to find tomorrow’s superstars. At Blue Hors, we are already now ready to meet every customer’s wishes with our wide collection of selected auction horses, which includes everything from undiscovered stars, more experienced riding horses and horses with unique movements, superb qualities and talent for the sport.