Veneziano was superb at CDI Aalborg

Rider Laura Kristine Thorup has on the back of the breeding stallion Veneziano been part of the CDI Aalborg's CDIU25 show - and that has been with a superb double victory as result! (VIDEO)
Veneziano was superb at CDI Aalborg

Laura Kristine Thorup and Blue Hors Veneziano

Veneziano was once again a star [...] Our first international win in the U25 Grand Prix!

Laura Kristine Thorup

Victory in Thursday’s CDIU25 Grand Prix

Blue Hors rider Laura Kristine Thorup was one of many talented Danish, as well as foreign, riders who participated in the CDI Aalborg Dressage Event in Sportsrideklubben Aalborg og Omegn (SAO). On the back of the breeding stallion Blue Hors Veneziano (Vivaldi – Donnerhall – Pik Bube I), she was to participate in the CDIU25 classes – and they really brought in their part of the international competition strongly with a nice victory to 68,257% in the U25 Grand Prix

Superb winner of U25 Grand Prix Freestyle

The young equipage, Laura and Veneziano, had a very good show at the Aalborg Dressage Event, and on Saturday, it turned out with a nice 74.220% in the Nordlux CDIU25 Grand Prix Freestyle at the international event – which was more than enough to pull home the victory!

The future looks extremely good for this pair and we look forward to seeing them develop even more together!