BLUE HORS ZACK - Best active breeding stallion of the 2020 Olympics!

After a nerve-wrackingly exciting day of freestyles at the 2020 Olympic Games in Tokyo, Blue Hors Zack, Nanna Skodborg Merrald, Ellen Glinvad Nielsen and the rest of the Danish national dressage team excelled to the absolute top of the field! Which means that now Zack can call himself the best active breeding stallion of the Olympic Games!
BLUE HORS ZACK - Best active breeding stallion of the 2020 Olympics!

Great halts, beautiful passages, piaffes that worked out greatly, large spacious half-passes, impressive strides, quality pirouettes, powerful extensions and a super use of the successful freestyle made for Zack – which fits them perfectly! The superlatives have no end at a day like today, where breeding stallion Blue Hors Zack shows exactly why he is the world’s best active breeding stallion. With all the other fresh seemen-active breeding stallions under him on the scoreboard, there is no doubt about Zack’s enormous ability in both sport and breeding!

With Zack’s experienced and talented pilot; Nanna Skodborg Merrald, and groom Ellen Glinvad Nielsen and trainer Michael Søgaard by their side, the pair danced powerfully through their freestyle program. A dance that was awarded with the wild score of 80.893%, as well as an impressive ranking as number 11 at the 2020 Olympic Games in Tokyo, Japan!

 27 year old Nanna Skodborg Merrald, the team’s youngest rider, and the 17-year-old breeding stallion Blue Hors Zack, who is sired by Rousseau/Jazz, started as number two in today’s program. For their freestyle program, which had only been aired quite a few times by the pair, received a score of 76.35% in the technical part and their artistic value 85.42% in what turned out to the overall score of 80.89% for the couple!

Danish girl-power!

The team’s two other riders; Cathrine Dufour & Bohemian and Carina Cassøe Krüth & Heiline’s Danciera became number four and number seven respectively in this fantastic Olympic final, where the team gave their absolute everything!

Cathrine Dufour and 11-year-old gelding Bohemian (Bordeaux / Samarant) showed off a brand new freestyle that impressively put them in the top four with 87.507%.

Carina Cassøe Krüth and 10-year-old Heiline’s Danciera (Fürstenball / De Niro. Breeder Stald Heiline) rode to their absolute max in all the right places, which was rewarded by the judges with 83.32% – 78.28% in technical value and 88.37% in artistic value!

Watch Zack and Nanna’s Freestyle here: