DWB stallion selection - lunging and free running

In the further assessment of the young stallions, they've today, friday, been shown both in the lunge and the loose running
DWB stallion selection - lunging and free running


Although it does not require a master’s degree to lung a horse, one should not underestimate the professionalism that lies in doing it COMPLETELY right. With Karsten Petersen as the Blue Hors lunging professor, he has laid the foundation for the work that is today continued by the Blue Hors stallion team. Lunging is a work where the horse’s natural potential is supported and developed without being overtrained. Here, the right management is crucial for the stallion to be in its absolute topform at the selection.

On the lunge, the stallions must possess self-carriage and balance and work in the correct form with his whole body – and it is on this basis that the judges assess whether the stallion has the format required to get through the selection and achieve the title of ‘approved’.

But not only the exterior is assessed – with the work in the lunge and the free showing display, the judges also get an impression of the interior, which is also a decisive factor for the final assessment.