Foal Championships 2021: Colt's Finals

In the afternoon it was the colt's turn to get in the spotlight- and it was a colt with lots of "WOW!"-effect that won.
Foal Championships 2021: Colt's Finals

A nice collection of colts with lots of power and “here I come” attitude. But there was still a foal that made the judges say “WOW”. It was one of the youngests foals of the day, only 20 days old – but what a movement with lots of mechanics, action and swing!

Martin is very pleased with the quality he has seen and he is especially pleased with the young stallions in the Blue Hors collection, which this year has their first foals. Here he must especially highlight Monte Carlo who was the sire of the best filly as well as the best colt. But also Zackorado has proven that he breeds extremely beautiful and noble foals with lots of expression and shoulder freedom.


Blue Hors Foal Championship: Colts

1. Vestervangs Monte Vino

Stallion, born: 07.06.2021
Sire: Blue Hors Monte Carlo Dam: Sandbæks Rio-Fabriell
Damsire: Fürstenball Damsdamsire: De Noir
Breeder: Stald Vestervang v./Fam. Svendsen & Klavsen


2. Green Pliers Vuitton

Stallion, born: 06.04.2021
Sire: Blue Hors Viconte Dam: Ball Room Diva
Damsire: Soccer Damsdamsire: Bergamon
Breeder: Caroline Krog


3. Rosenlunds Zatisfaction

Sire: Blue Hors Zackorado
Damsire: Blue Hors St. Schufro


4. Vestervangs Montenegro

Stallion, born: 13.04.2021
Sire: Blue Hors Monte Carlo Dam: Vestervangs Regina
Damsire: De Noir Damsdamsire: Ragazzo
Breeder: Stald Vestervang v./Fam. Svendsen & Klavsen


5. NN

Stallion, born: 16.05.2021
Sire: Blue Hors Zackorado Dam: Stenagers Lady Athena
Damsire: Tailormade Attention Damsdamsire: Olympic Ferro
Breeder: Bjarne Pedersen