Brilliant start to the national competition at the Summer Festival with a win for Nanna S. Merrald & Touch of Olympic L

In the shadow of the Don Schufro statue this morning was enriched with great results by both horses and riders. Read more about the show results here
Brilliant start to the national competition at the Summer Festival with a win for Nanna S. Merrald & Touch of Olympic L

Nanna Merrald & Touch of Olympic L

National dressage show

The national show part of the Summer Festival thus started with 2 victories in this morning’s dressage classes; MB2 and Intermediare II, to respectively Blue Hors rider Nanna Skodborg Merrald on Blue Hors Don Olymbrio son Blue Hors Touch of Olympic L and Blue Hors Zatchmo (Blue Hors Zack). In Intermediare II Nanna was also placed as number 3 on Zack son Blue Hors Zirrus, just as Carina Cassøe Krüth was on the podium as today’s number 2 on her Zack son. In MB2 Nanna had to share the podium with her two Blue Hors colleagues; Tania M. Joensen and Cecilie Dybro Jensen, who with the horses Blue Hors Zampalo and Hoby Utopia became number 2 and 3.


During the Friday morning hours, both Blue Hors Talent rider Cecilie Dybro Jensen on the sales horse Hoby Utopia (Chippendale / Métall) and Blue Hors rider Tania M. Joensen on Blue Hors Zampalo (Blue Hors Zack/Brentano II) competed in MB2. Tania Joensen and her son Zack Zampalo did well, scoring this Friday’s second place with 70.329%! Right in the heels of Tania came Cecilie Dybro and Hoby Utopia, who with 70,000% became this class’s number three.

Blue Hors elite rider Nanna Skodborg Merrald and 7-year-old Blue Hors Touch of Olympic L (Blue Hors Don Olymbrio / Fidermark, breeder: Anja & Jan Petersen) took their ride to a superb 73.158% and took home the win. Nanna Merrald and Touch of Olympic L won the 7-year qualification in Ringsted last weekend, and are therefore in the run to this year’s championship finals, just as we will also see them at this year’s UVM selections, i.a. here at Blue Hors during the Summer Festival.



MA2 was won by Selina Solberg Vittinghus on Atterupgaards Delorean, who with 74.9121% put a good distance down to number 2; Maria Valter Bay and Tjørnelys San Loui (72,237%) and number 3; Dennis Fisker and Baunehøjens Carpaccio DWB (71,535%)



The last class of the day; MB0, was won by Rikke Dupont on Grand Galiano with 73,462%. Followed by number 2 Liva Addy Guldager Nielsen on the Blue Hors Don Schufro son Don Caballero (72,949%) and number 3 Anna Zibrandtsen on Lumiére SWB (72,244%)