Don Olymbrio and Zack sons in front at CDN Esbjerg

Blue Hors cleared the national competition in Esbjerg and Omegns Rideklub this weekend, where both Don Olymbrio and Zack were nicely represented by sons and daughters, who brought home several victories
Don Olymbrio and Zack sons in front at CDN Esbjerg

Blue Hors Zatchmo (Blue Hors Zack - Donnerhall, breeder: Inge & Günter Bastian)

Friday's victories and rankings in MA1, Intermediare II and MB0

On Friday the Blue Hors riders were in full action in the DUVILS MA1, DUVILS INTERMEDIARE II and DUVILS MB0, where Nanna Skodborg Merrald started out the weekend with a strong victory in DUVILS MA1 on the Don Olymbrio son; Blue Hors Touch of Olympic L (Blue Hors Don OlymbrioFidermark, breeder: Anja & Jan Petersen), with 74.722%

MA1 - no. 1: Nanna/Touch of Olympic L, no. 2: Frederikke/Ryvangs Zafina and no. 3: Nana/Weltstar's Salvator

In the same show, Zack daughter Ryvangs Zafina (Blue Hors Zack – Come Back II, breeder: Alex Dyrgaard) came in 2nd with 74.120% alongside her rider Frederikke Gram Jacobsen, just like the Zack son Blue Hors Zalabaster (Blue Hors Zack – Alabaster, breeder: Zuchthof Bauer / Andrea Galland) came in as number 10 with Cristian Tudela Ruiz after a ride that scored them a nice 69.537%

In DUVIL’S INTERMEDIATE II, Nanna Skodborg Merrald and her son Zack Blue Hors Zirrus (Zack – Donnerhall, breeder: Günter & Inge Bastian) were placed as number 3 with 70.219%. In the same show Blue Hors rider Laura Kristine Thorup and the breeding stallion Blue Hors Veneziano (Vivaldi – Donnerhall, breeder: Blue Hors) came in as number 5 with 69.035%

In Friday’s last class, DUVILS MB0, Laura Kristine Thorup was once again placed, this time as number 2 on Lusso (Livaldon – Stedinger, breeder: Harry Heitmann) with 71,475%.

Saturday's Hattrick for Nanna!

Saturday’s first class DUVILS PRIX ST. GEORGE was also won by Nanna Skodborg Merrald on Blue Hors Touch of Olympic L with 72.676%.

Nanna continued her winning streak in DUVILS INTERMEDIARE I, where she won the class on Blue Hors Znickers (Blue Hors Zack – De Niro, breeder: Hans Rode) with 73.684%.

– Watch Nanna Skodborg Merrald dance her way through Intermediare I with Blue Hors Znickers further down

Grand Prix - No. 1: Nanna/Zatchmo, no. 2: Anne/Kipling TSF and no. 3: Cristian/Zick Flower

In the DUVILS GRAND PRIX, Nanna had brought the horse Blue Hors Zatchmo (Zack – Donnerhall, breeder: Günter & Inge Bastian) with her. On him, she rode into yet another victory with a nice 76.633%. Cristian Tudela Ruiz and Blue Hors Zick Flower (Blue Hors Zack – Blue Hors Romanov, breeder: Andreas Gregersen) was placed as number 3 in the same Grand Prix with 70%


The victory in the DUVILS INTERMEDIARE FREESTYLE meant yet another first place for Nanna Skodborg Merrald on the Zack son Blue Hors Znickers – this time with an impressive 77%!

In the last class of the competition, MB2, Cristian Tudela Ruiz was placed as number 5 on Blue Hors Dillon (Duisenberg – Samarant, breeder: Gabriele Becker-Hermann) with 69.935%!