The equestrian sport centre Blue Hors will have a new and simpler setup in the future. Blue Hors has delivered impressive results within competitions and breeding for the last 30 years and has fulfilled its ambitious objectives


Going forward the Kirk Kristiansen family has decided upon a smaller and simpler setup

The Kirk Kristiansen family, who owns Blue Hors, completed a generational handover earlier this year, and as a natural part of this process the family has discussed the future for Blue Hors.

Going forward the Kirk Kristiansen family has decided upon a smaller and simpler setup, where Blue Hors will be located next to Stutteri Ask in Kristiansminde on Funen. By doing so the family’s equestrian activities, dressage as well as jumping, will be gathered on Funen and Blue Hors will share facilities with Stutteri Ask which will carry on with the same activity level as now.

Danish national team rider Nanna Merrald will continue as Master Rider for Blue Hors. Consequently, Blue Hors will continue the ambitions to belong in the absolute international elite within dressage.

Besides dressage Blue Hors will also continue to run the stallion station and thereby contribute to the impact on the Danish as well as international breed of dressage horses. The remaining parts of Blue Hors will be phased out within the next six months.

With this change Kristiansminde near Martofte holds its position as one of Denmark’s most enterprising equestrian sport centers that will include dressage as well as jumping horses going forward.

Kjeld Kirk Kristiansen comments:

“I am proud of the results that Blue Hors has delivered within competitions and breeding for the last 30 years and I feel a great joy by the very high level that characterizes the Danish breeding of dressage horses today. Blue Hors has grown extensively through the years and today the company has numerous business areas. Now it is time to re-establish a simpler setup centered by the two areas where it all began – the dressage and the breeding. My family and I are looking forward to this but regret the impacts this will have on our valued employees”.

Blue Hors’s dressage activities and stallion station will move to Martofte within the next six months, while the remaining activities will be phased out. The plan is to sell a larger number of horses and buildings etc. in Randbøl. Unfortunately, this also means that Blue Hors at some point will have to lay off most of its employees. However, the company will do its utmost to help each employee and respect individual wishes and requirements. The company will proceed supporting business partners and customers and Blue Hors will of course comply with all obligations and agreements.


Louise Refsgaard Klinge

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