Former Blue Hors sales horse takes the title as Norwegian dressage champion

Former Blue Hors sales horse Centano and his rider Anniken Hals has brought home the title as Norwegian dressage champions for seniors!
Former Blue Hors sales horse takes the title as Norwegian dressage champion

Centano & Anniken Hals

Anniken Hals and Centano (Crelido / Come Back II) from Borge Rideklubb rode themselves to the top at the Norwegian Championships for seniors, which were held in three show classes; Intermediare II, Grand Prix and Grand Prix Kür, spread over three days in the weekend of 26 to 28 of August.

At the location Haugaland Hestesport Arena, the pair had their ride in  Intermediare II on Friday and here they scores 68.8% which resulted in a victory in the first division of the Norwegian Championship. In Saturday’s 2nd division of the senior championship, they scores 66.3% in the Grand Prix, which was enough to hold on to the preliminary victory. For the final and 3rd division of the Norwegian Championship, it bacame the pair’s third and final victory in Grand Prix Kür with 73,355% and a total points score of 208,577. Making them the gold winners of the weekend! The silver went to Therese Bragstad at Double Donnerhall (Dimaggio / Sir Donnerhall) from Moldegaard Ryttersportsklubb with a total of 196,618 points, while Bærum Riding Club’s rider Anniken Eide at Twilight won the bronze with 192,677 points.

Equnity Sportshorses x Blue Hors collaboration

In addition to being the rider of Centano, Anniken is the owner of Equnity Sportshorses, through which she has a collaboration with Blue Hors. Through this collaboration, she has had a couple of Blue Hors horses, including the Blue Hors Zack son Zazou Pilekær, in training with a sale in mind. She has also been involved in arranging the sale of the gelding Leandor B by Governor / Rousseau.

The Berg Fredriksen family, who are the new owners of Zazou Pilekær (Blue Hors Zack / Dream of Glory, breeder Anne Mette Rossen and Lars Langendorff) told Anniken how they felt completely safe throughout the sales process and also told her how much they appreciated the openness and approach to the sale.


Happy Norwegian champions

At Blue Hors, we value the collaboration with Anniken and Equnity Sportshorses and hope for more stories of success in the future!

Blue Hors CARE products in Norway

At the same time as she mediates contact between Norwegian customers and Blue Hors’ sales horses, Anniken is also a Norwegian distributor of the Blue Hors CARE products.

We asked Anniken what products were her favorites, a question she grinningly answered was impossible to answer because she had so many favorites.

“On a daily basis, Super Shine and After Work Shampoo are absolutely fantastic! Easy, convenient and effective!”

In competition situations, Hoof Shine is totally indispensable. It is a product that makes the hooves incredibly beautiful in a simple way! I live for the consistent functionality that is thought into the products! It works and it’s easy, especially when you have several horses with you and everything has to go fast!

I really appreciate having the products in the stable – and the fact that everyone has been thought, e.g. in a product like B-Express Zero, which is sugar-free and therefore suitable for some of the horses that may be overlooked from time to time “

– Anniken Hals