Cecilie Dybro Jensen selected for Blue Hors Talent

Many young people dream of riding for a living, but this often remains just that – a dream. Through its talent programme, Blue Hors is helping more young riders make this dream come true.

Cecilie Dybro Jensen selected for Blue Hors Talent

Cecilie Dybro Jensen with Hoby Utopia and trainer Vibeke Degn Andersen

“It's a great opportunity for my development. Hoby is an incredibly beautiful horse that likes to work and is consistent every day, which I really appreciate. I’m now putting time into working with him and getting to know him. We hope to compete in MB0 in the near future. He is a beautiful horse and I look forward to seeing what the future holds”

Cecilie Dyrby Jensen

Horses in the blood

Cecilie Dybro Jensen, an ambitious young dressage rider who dreams of reaching the top in her sport, has just been selected for the Blue Hors Talent programme. The goal of Blue Hors Talent is to help maintain and develop a talent base through support and assistance, and to help future seniors with riding talent be among the best in the world.

One could say that Cecilie’s passion for horses is in her blood – she comes from a true horse family, with a little sister who also competes in dressage, a father who is a farrier, and a mother who’s always ridden and who used to take little Cecilie along to the stable in her pram.

Cecilie is grateful for the opportunity and looks forward to joining the professional team at Blue Hors. A month ago, Cecilie started working with one of the Blue Hors horses, the 7-year-old Hopy Utopia by Chippendale/Métall.

Blue Hors Talent Program

For 2-5 talented young riders aged 15-23

The opportunity to work with talented horses

Training and consulting in professional presentation

Participants are selected according to their potential

The program now consists of Anders Sjoebeck Hoeck and Cecilie Dybro Jensen

A great opportunity

Vibeke Degn Andersen, a former national pony dressage trainer, is delighted with the news. She believes this will be a great opportunity for Cecilie. Vibeke has been Cecilie’s trainer since 2012, instilling in her young pupil the principles of horsemanship. These values fit perfectly with what Blue Hors stands for. She thinks that Cecilie has come far in her riding and has much potential for further development.

Vibeke is also enthusiastic that Blue Hors Sports Director Ulrik Gerstorf Sørensen has seen Cecilie:

“I thought it was great of Ulrik that he came to North Jutland. Cecilie and her horse Nørgaards Leonora qualified for the Danish national youth team over several years. He saw that this is a girl who knows something about riding.”

Role model

The change from riding as an ambitious amateur to a “job” as a Talent rider comes with responsibility. These talented young riders must act as role models, using their successes and commitment to help motivate others to realise their dreams.

The contract covers not only services offered by Blue Hors in the form of trainers and of course talented horses; it also includes the expectation that the talented rider remains in good physical condition and adhere to the same horsemanship principles as our other riders.

Blue Hors Talent riders must demonstrate both potential as well as the right values (described in more detail in Team Denmark’s “Basic values for talent development”), as they contribute to the positive image of Danish dressage.

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