Portrait of breeder Lisbeth Bredmose Andersen

For more than 30 years Lisbeth B. Andersen has been an active horse breeder, and with an impressive amount of approved stallions and medal mares, she has made herself an acknowledged name in the Danish world of dressage horse breeding
Portrait of breeder Lisbeth Bredmose Andersen

Stutteri LBA w/Lisbeth Bredmose Andersen

”The fact that I used to be a rider, has benefitted my abilities as a breeder, since I’ve felt in my own how important it is to the rider, that the horse is healthy, ridable and self-carrying.

I’ve always loved the more elegant and fast horses, and I believe that thoroughbreds can benefit the Warmbloods a lot. A mare of thoroughbred decent is more safe than a stallion, but it takes a really good mare to do so – and those are hard to find”

Lisbeth Bredmose Andersen, breeder

As a young woman, Lisbeth used to work as a rider at John Byrialsen’s place in Skals, Denmark. Lisbeth was a great and ambitious rider for many years, but ended out giving all of her time to the world of horsebreeding. She settled in Skals and bought a farm with her husband, and here her breeding program had the space to develop itself. Lisbeth still lives at the farm, and has throughout the years bred several approved stallions, medal mares and great riding horses from there. Today she has around 30 horses and greets 7-10 foals into the world each year.

In the late eighties, Lisbeth met the thoroughbred mare Red Rose XX. It was love at first sight, and Lisbeth had to have her.

Red Rose XX f. 1988-2003 b. Earl of Roland xx/Parline xx/Osiris and Lisbeth competed in the 4 years old competitions before Red Rose got her first foal as a 5 year old. The foal was Corbiere b. Coronado, and he became an approved stallion in DWB.

The Red Rose-succes continued and she became Lisbeth’s most important mare. Red Rose birthed 8 foals; including 3 approved stallions and several medal mares!


When Lisbeth talks about Red Rose XX her pride in the mare shines trough clearly:  

She was an amazing mare who has given me all the best experiences a horse owner could wish for. Her offspring grants me so much joy throughout the generations. Red Rose has a huge place in my heart

Revenche and Latoya

The silvermedal-daughter by Ragazzo and Red Rose XX; Revenche, became next generation of broodmares at Stud LBA. Here she birthed 8 foals who has all done very well winning several medals!

To Lisbeth the most important of Revenche’s daughters are Latoya b. Solos Landtinus who is ”one of my best broodmares”

Latoya b. Solos Landtinus has delivered three approved stallions, two of them by Blue Hors Don Olymbrio. Besides the stallions she is also the grandmother of the silvermedal mare Sweetnes b. Blue Hors St. Schufro, who won the DWB 4 year old competition last year, and is ranked as best mare with 9,26 point this year. Sweetnes are representing DWB at the Worlds Young Horse Championships in Verden this year, and Lisbeth has actually got another offspring competiting as well; Gaston b. Grand Galaxy Win/Fürstenball who will represent Switzerland with Philine Brunner.

Another sucessful Latoya offspring is Hesselhøjs Darwin b. Hesselhøjs Donkey Boy who is attending the 4 year old finals in Denmark this year with 86,2 point.

How does Lisbeth prepare for the breeding season?

I’ve stopped using non-Danish stallions. It is too expensive – and the best horses are in Denmark at the moment anyway. I don’t make a decision on which stallion to use during the winter. I look at them at the DWB stallion licensing and then I almost always make a last minute choice

When I choose a stallion I like to look at the young boys. They are always very fun to see. But I also like to use older stallion such as Don Olymbrio

When I fall in love with a stallion, I immediately think ”Which one of my mares does he match?” I know all my mares strenghts and weaknesses, and what genes they pass on


But even though most of Lisbeth’s stallion choices happens last minute, she is sure that she will use St. Schufro on her bronzemedal mare Landini this season.


Why does Lisbeth keep on breeding horses?

”It is a lifestyle that gives me SO much joy! It is hard work to take care of 25 horses during winter by myself, but when a mare like Sweetnes or a stallion like Olympus is born through this same hard work, I’d do it all again – with pleasure! They give me back so much joy!”

Lisbeth enjoys following her offspring when they start participating in the sport, and she’s always there on the sideline as a cheering supporter.

”It is amazing to stand at the sideline as the breeder of a horse in great development! I am looking so much forward to seeing Sweetnes in the finals at Blue Hors again this year – and at the World Championships for Young Horses in Verden as well!”

But even with all these great accomplishments in mind, Lisbeth’s favourite time of the day is still the quiet evenings in the stable.

”When I’ve fed the horses, swept the floors and then allow myself that peaceful moment of just watching and listening to the horses eating their hay in their stalls, that is the moment I realise why I never give up on the horses, and how much joy they really give me each and everyday ”


Underneath from here, you’ll be able to find a video of Lisbeth proudly presenting some of her broodmares and offspring, giving us a little insight in her breeding: