Thirteen Blue Hors offspring competed at the WC dressage in Herning

On the start list at the WC in Herning, you could find as many as 13 offspring of Blue Hors stallions, and in the world championship in dressage alone, there were as many as 6 Blue Hors offspring that excelled at the very highest level of dressage
Thirteen Blue Hors offspring competed at the WC dressage in Herning

Zidane by Blue Hors Zack

At the FEI World Championship in dressage, the following Blue Hors offspring were at the starting list:

Offspring by Blue Hors Zack

  • 14-year-old Zigzag by Blue Hors Zack/ Blue Hors Don Schufro (breeder: Astrid og Bjarne Risvig), ridden by Gilles Ngovan from Switzerland.
  • 12-year-old Grevens Zorro by Blue Hors Zack/ Blue Hors Hertug (breeder: Svend Skov Poulsen and Dorit Greve), ridden by Anna Tallberg from Finland
    – Fun fact: Grevens Zorro is a former Blue Hors sales horse
  • 14-year-old Zidane by Blue Hors Zack/ Ladoga (breeder: Steffen Sunesen), ridden by Gretha Ferreira from South Africa

Grevens Zorro by Blue Hors Zack

Offspring by Don Schufro, Hotline and Don Romantic

  • 15-year-old Donna Karacho by Blue Hors Don Schufro/ Fidermark (breeder: Sandra Neff), ridden by Christian Schumach from Austria
  • 13-year-old Hot Casanova by Blue Hors Hotline/ Kostolany (breeder: Katja Kuistila), ridden by Mikaela Soratie from Finland

  • 10-year-old Marshall-Bell by Blue Hors Don Romantic/ Michellino (breeder: Tina Christoffersen og Nicolai Jepsen), ridden by Daniel Bachmann Andersen from Denmark

Donna Karacho by Blue Hors Don Schufro

Other participating Blue Hors-offspring:


Blue Hors Zwobber by Blue Hors Zack

Grevens Sa Va by Blue Hors Soprano



Bovbjergs Zhivago by Blue Hors Romanov

Elverhøjs Olympia by Blue Hors Romanov

Schnell’s Happy Birthday by Blue Hors Hotline

Noesmindes Miami by Blue Hors Rockefeller



Izack by Blue Hors Zack


Blue Hors Zwobber efter Blue Hors Zack

Source: and FEI