Foal Evening at Blue Hors 2022

Watch or re-watch videos of the many foals that were shown at the Blue Hors Foal Evening on the 17th of May 2022
Foal Evening at Blue Hors 2022

At our traditional foal evening, we gave our breeders the opportunity to experience the Blue Hors stallions and selected offspring live. All while our breeding manager Martin Klavsen guided all of us through this year’s stallion collection. Martin put into words the different strengths of the stallions and gave his opinion on the best match of stallion and mare, all while the audience themselves had the opportunity to form an impression of the individual stallions’ potential as sires.

Offspring from Blue Hors Farrell

5 offspring by Blue Hors Farrell (Fürstenball / Dacaprio) were shown. They were 3 fillies and 2 colts.

The trend of the mares, which has been matched with Farrell, says that he is extremely popular with mares of Dutch bloodlines, where his good temperament and rideability compliments the slightly hotter Dutch mares’ quick mind and strong mechanics.

Offspring by Blue Hors Fortron

A single offspring by premium stallion Blue Hors Fortron (For Romance II – Desperados) was shown.

The red filly, sired by Fortron / Zack / Resident, is bred by Andreas Gregersen and born March 6, 2022. The large-framed filly moved herself nicely and with a huge potential and a very adjustable pattern that bodes well for the future.

Offspring by Blue Hors Kingston

4 well-prepared foals, 3 colts and one filly, all sired by Blue Hors Kingston (Glock’s Toto Jr. – Turbo Magic) was shown at the event – and what a quartet!

We saw offspring by Kingston bred by both showjumping, thoroughbred and dressage blood, and all had very positive highlights from both the sire and the dam’s best qualities. All had in common that they were extremely charming and well-functioning!

Offspring by Blue Hors Monte Carlo

The most used breeding stallion in Denmark of 2021, of course, also became one of the most represented stallions at our foal evening!

Blue Hors Monte Carlo (Glock’s Dream Boy N.O.P./United) was able to present 6 offspring, all of whom, like their sire, possess an explosion of movement potential. The 3 fillies and the 3 colts were again this year able to emphasize their sire’s unsurpassed abilities as a breeding stallion, as they all moved themselves with an enormous amount of power.

Offspring by Blue Hors Santiano

Our picturesque Blue Hors Santiano (Sezuan / Romanov) is stationed by our Dutch partner; Hengstenstation van Uytert by Joop Van Uytert – and the Dutch breeders are crazy about him! Last year he covered almost 400 mares in the Netherlands, just as he also covered a number of mares in Denmark.

At our foal evening, 2 foals by Santiano were shown. The foals are of very different pedigrees, one Dutch and the other Danish with a sprinkle of thoroughbred, but it is still clear to see how Santiano breaks through with a noble and modern cut that bodes well for the sports horses of the future

Santiano - Sixten Langholt - Mago XX

Offspring by Blue Hors St. Schufro

In addition to Monte Carlo, Blue Hors St. Schufro (St. Moritz Jr. – Don Schufro) has also been a highly sought after gentleman for the breeding.

Grand Prix stallion St. Schufro was able to show 6 offspring; 3 colts and 3 fillies. The mare-material that has been used in combination with St. Schufro, has been extremely exciting and successful both for breeding and sports purposes – and we look forward to following all his offspring in the future!

Offspring by Blue Hors Viconte

Blue Hors Viconte (Vivaldi / Sandro Hit) was also shown by hand to the audience.

Viconte was represented by a single offspring; a large-framed colt that has Blue Hors Zack and Anhaltiner on the damside of its pedigree.

Offspring by Blue Hors Zackerey

The last to go became a colt after by our Germany-based premium stallion Blue Hors Zackerey (Zack / Sandro Hit). The foal was born on March 30 and is bred by Stutteri Greven.

This foal sired by Zackerey / Jazz / Don Crusador showed a noble and modern exterior as well as a great gait ability, which has proven to be the two very great characteristics of the offspring by Zackerey

Zackerey - Jazz- Don Crusador