Blue Hors invites young Grand Prix talents to join the championship finals.

When Blue Hors opens its doors for this year’s finals in the Pavo and Danish Equestrian Federation’s championships for young dressage horses in week 41, there will be an opportunity to see not only the country’s most talented young horses but also fully trained Grand Prix horses. This will happen when, as something new, a Grand Prix class is offered for young horses aged 8 to 10 years. Thus, during the event, you can follow the entire horse’s education from A to Z – from a 4-year-old horse to a Grand Prix horse.

Blue Hors invites young Grand Prix talents to join the championship finals.

The common thread in the education of the horses

The traditional championship finals for young dressage horses were expanded seven years ago to include a competition for 7-year-old horses – and now, 8-10-year-old horses are also invited to the party! This is happening through the experimental organization of a Grand Prix tour dedicated to the ‘upcoming’ Grand Prix horses.

Hosted by Blue Hors, the competition will take place from October 11th to 15th and will be held in Intermediare II and U25 Grand Prix. The Intermediare II on the first day will serve as a qualification for the final, where the top eight placed pairs will compete in the U25 Grand Prix.

By allowing the horses to compete at this ‘lower’ Grand Prix level, the hope is to facilitate the transition from ‘talented young horse’ to ‘trained Grand Prix horse.’ So, here’s the opportunity to meet some of Denmark’s future international Grand Prix horses!

The Young Horse Grand Prix tour is open to pairs that have achieved a minimum of 66% in difficulty level 7 during the qualification period, as well as riders who have achieved a minimum of 70% in difficulty level 7 during the qualification period.

At the Danish Equestrian Federation, they are thrilled that Blue Hors is willing to attempt to organize this Grand Prix tour for young horses in their fantastic facilities. Similar concepts are known from other countries, such as the German Louisdor-Preis for young Grand Prix horses, and it is known that it is both popular among riders and attractive for the audience to see the young, talented Grand Prix horses compete at the highest level of dressage.

In the Danish Equestrian Federation's working group for dressage championships in Denmark, we are delighted that Blue Hors is willing to experiment with hosting a young horse Grand Prix competition. The fact that it will take place within the framework of the 2023 championship finals for the country's best 4- to 7-year-old dressage horses is fantastic. This way, the circle of education for dressage horses from A to Z is elegantly closed at a single prestigious event