100% of the Autumn Auction horses SOLD

Blue Hors was able to report "SOLD OUT" last night with the first Autumn Auction with an impressive collection of 11 auction horses (VIDEO)
100% of the Autumn Auction horses SOLD

"The interest in our auction collection has been more than overwhelming. In recent weeks, we have had a steady stream of happy potential buyers both here on site for test riding, but also online where we have been in close dialogue about everything big and small"

Sports Manager Ulrik Gerstorf Sørensen


Riding horses of a proper quality does not hang on the trees and for the Blue Hors Autumn Auction there were many who had signed up as potential buyers. With “only” 11 horses in the collection, not everyone could make their dreams come true with the purchase of a new horse.

Fortunately, we have several skilled horses for sale. So please, contact us if you are still looking for your next riding horse – both Martin and Ulrik have horses at all levels of education in the stables.

And, you can already look forward to the spring of 2022, where there are plans for a follow-up on the Blue Hors Autumn Auction concept with a BLUE HORS SPRING AUCTION